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Monday, April 2, 2018

No Cure for the Dead. By Christine Trent .

When a young nurse dies on her watch, Florence Nightingale must uncover the deep-hidden secrets someone will kill to keep buried.

It is 1853. Lady of the Lamp Florence Nightingale has just accepted the position of Superintendent of the Establishment for Gentlewomen During Temporary Illness in London. She has hardly had time to learn the names of the nurses in her charge when she suddenly finds one of them hanging in the Establishment’s library. Her name was Nurse Bellamy.

Florence’s mettle is tested by the dual goals of preserving what little reputation her hospital has and bringing Nurse Bellamy’s killer to justice. Her efforts are met with upturned noses and wayward glances except for her close friend and advocate inside the House of Commons, Sidney Herbert. As Florence digs deeper, however, her attention turns to one of the hospital investors and suddenly, Sidney becomes reluctant to help.

With no one but herself to count on, Florence must now puzzle out what the death of an unknown, nondescript young nurse has to do with conspiracies lurking about at the highest levels of government before she’s silenced too.

 My thoughts:  Christine. Trent has done it again!  This time with a brand new character ,
Miss Florence Nightengale is solving cases now .

I found this book  refreshing and entertaining . Florence pulls no punches In solving her first murder case  of one of her nurses. As she strives to bring medical care up to better standards we learn from her the practices they had back during her time really interesting stuff!
If you love nursing or mysteries with real historical people this series is for you.
Florence Nightengale is one lady who has always fascinated  me  as the niece of a nurse.
This series was worth the wait .

Thank you to Christine Trent for the chance to review this wonderful book

Rating :

Thursday, March 31, 2016

The American Tapestry Series.

I found a book at my local Library about the Titanic the cover is gorgeous and the story sounds wonderful . It is a older book but its part of a  series   American are the other books in the series the one i am reading now is Queen  Of The  Waves.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Farewell Lady Small: Bertrice Small The Queen of Historical Romace

The World of historical romance has lost one of it's leading ladies February 24,2015.
I discovered Mrs. Small book's in 2006 in the grocery store I was just getting back in to reading and I came across Phillipa  the cover is what drew me to the book and the fact that it was set during the reign of Henry VIII. I realized that Phillipa was part of the Friasgate series and I set out on the search for the rest of the series. After I read Rosamund I was hooked, over the years I have read several of her books when I am in a dire need of a escape. Like most of her her readers I have been trying to gather all of her books I can find   and I am anxiously awaiting her final book In her Silk Merchants  Daughter's series SERENA will be the last we have from  Lady Small but her legacy will live on through her books.  while I was at the good will last weekend I came across two of her books which i quickly grabbed up even though   I already read one of them I felt I needed to add her gems of a book to my book shelf.   Thank you Lady Small for your wonderful characters. Since her passing  there has been  book club started on Facebook as well as Memorial page in  her honor.

What I am reading now 

Small's last book will be out this summer

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Celeste By V.C.Andrews is just DULL

First observations. Introduction and chapter 1
The story and immediately begins telling us about the superstitions of Celeste mother. A couple new ones is that I noticed immediately within the Introduction and chapter 1 are 1) Celeste is definitely not her mother's favorite child. 2) Celeste and her brother and Noble are twins but are very different. 3) Noble seems to be her mother's favorite child yet he is not sensitive to the superstitions that plague Celeste mother. 4) the superstitious feelings visions and delusions seem to be an inherited quality from Celeste maternal family who are from Hungary 5) we are given an alternative view of the world from Celeste father who seems a very normal loving caring individual however he is not superstitious nor interested in those things.
There is a very poignant seen in this first chapter that I feel gives a foreshadowing of something coming in the future. Noble is leaning against his mother's breast and she is caressing his hair it is reminiscent of the Pieta and the death of the christ
Another foreshadowing scene is when Celeste tells how her father speaks of her mother's mother her grandmother ,his mouth up-turns in the corner and he seems to have a strange stare when recalling the woman. I feel that the scene gives the reader a sense perhaps there is something more to his recollection; not quite a dislike but something else.

Chapter 2- Daddy’s Amulet
The simple breakdown of chapter two is two fold. We are given a backstory into the relationship of Mommy and Daddy. We are given a traditional spin of simple beginnings, family fortune and inheritance. We are introduced to Sarah’s (Mommy) moral code of not wanting to appear ostentatious, not wanting to be flashy with expensive clothes and jewelry etc. She feels this disconnects people from their true selves or they lose who they really are in the pursuit of wealth. I would have to state that I think the contrary is true People reveal themselves more when they think that they are safe to do so. If you are an ass as a poor man.. you are a bigger ass as a rich man etc.
The second leg of chapter 2 is a sudden twist via tragedy. Sarah takes the children and her husband to a jeweler who helps them each, even Daddy get an amulet. This amulet’s purpose is reminiscent to religious icons of other faith traditions.. meaning it will keep one safe from harm if faithfully worn. Such is similar in the Roman Catholic tradition of wearing a scapular around the neck and under the clothes are Momon wearing undergarments with sacred symbols sewn into the garbs.  Unfortunately Daddy doesn't not believe in such things and discards his amulet at every opportunity. Well.. he ends up dead..of course. The chapter dims into darkness as Sarah walks into the night seeking to find the spirit of her husband with Celeste at the bedroom window staring into the dark night wondering…

Chapter 3- Crossing Over
Daddy has died. Mommy has no one to hold her back now from fully indoctrinating Celeste and Noble in the spiritualism and psychic world. The twice daily meditations begin. Mommy becomes more emotionally unavailable for Celeste and enabling of Noble’s inability to see truth or take responsibility The funniest part of this chapter is when Mommy explains to Noble how Daddy was a spirit inside a body. She says that it is like water in a cup.. without the water.. it is useless, and so is Daddy’s body. Noble runs off screaming.. “Daddy’s not a cup!”.  Noble claims that he is hearing Daddy and speaking with him.. we soon find this to just be a coping mechanism for Noble’s grief and in fact by the end of the chapter it is Celeste who has a real vision of her father. 

My Thoughts:

Then I put the book back on the shelf there was not enough substance in this book to keep me with it.
Thursday, December 12, 2013

Book of the Year 2013

This year's book is an older book but I loved so much I have recommended it to every one I know who loved family sagas  and a good cup of Tea. 

As usual I always have a few honorable mentions

The first one is Philippa Gregory's The White Princess

Second one is
Better than Chocolate By Shelia Roberts
 Third place is  Lady of Ashes by 
Christine Trent

Fourth place
is The Cherry Cola Book Club By Ashton Lee
Fifth Place
Is the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot
So there you have  the books of 2013 !
I really hope to get in to more of the book that have been sent to me to review very soon.
 I hope 2014 is a much better reading year 
Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Georgie Book: Queen of Hearts

My mother, the glamorous and much-married actress, is hearing wedding bells once again—which is why she must hop across the pond for a quickie divorce in Reno. To offer my moral support, and since all expenses are paid by her new hubby-to-be, Max, I agree to make the voyage with her.

Crossing the Atlantic, with adventure in the air and wealthy men aboard, Mother all but forgets about Max and matrimony—especially when movie mogul Cy Goldman insists on casting her in his next picture.

Meanwhile, I find myself caught up in the secret investigation of a suspected jewel thief. Lucky for me, the lead investigator happens to be my dashing beau, Darcy!

Mother’s movie and Darcy’s larceny lead everyone to Cy’s Hollywood home, where the likes of Charlie Chaplin are hanging about and there’s enough romantic intrigue to fill a double feature. But we hardly get a chance to work out the sleeping arrangements before Cy turns up dead—as if there wasn’t enough drama already…
Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Upcoming Books: The Cottage n Juniper Ridge : Next installment in Icicle Falls Series

Release date: Feb 25,2014
How to Change Your Life… 
Can a book change your life? Yes, when it's Simplicity, Muriel Sterling's guide to plain living. In fact, it inspires Jen Heath to leave her stressful, overcommitted life in Seattle and move to Icicle Falls, where she rents a lovely little cottage on Juniper Ridge. And where she can enjoy simple pleasures—like joining the local book club—and complicated ones, like falling in love with her sexy landlord, Garrett Armstrong. 
Her sister Toni is ready for a change, too. She's got a teenage daughter who's constantly texting her friends, a husband who's more involved with his computer than he is with her, and a son who's consumed by video games. Toni wants her family to grow closer—to return to a simpler way of life. 
Other women in town, like Stacy Thomas, are also inspired to unload their excess stuff and some of the extra responsibilities they've taken on. 
But as they all discover, sometimes life simply happens. It doesn't always happen simply!