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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Eileen Davidson's Second book Coming In June

I was browsing on Amazon and came across Eileen's newest books cover for her second book Dial Emmy for Murder. We have to wait til June for it's release but you can preorder it in time for summer reading. Btw If you havent heard... Eileen is back on screen on the Young and the Restless so check her out during the week.
Saturday, December 20, 2008

Royal Harlot

Susan Holloway Scott brought Barbara Villiers to life with her novel Royal Harlot.
Barbara was Charles II mistress and held his attention for 10 years. A young but far from innocent Barbara marries rich but proper Roger Palmer, whose Royalist politics set them on the path that will make her a famous courtesan and favorite of King Charles II. Lusty, bawdy and cunning, she's a fine match for the king, whose reign is portrayed as fraught with great expectations that go largely unfulfilled. London, 1660: Ready to throw off a generation of Puritan rule, all England rejoices when Charles Stuart returns to reclaim the throne. Among those welcoming him is young Barbara Villiers Palmer, a breathtaking Royalist beauty whose sensuality and clever wit instantly captivate the handsome, jaded king. Though each is promised to another, Barbara soon becomes Charles's mistress and closest friend, and the uncrowned queen of his bawdy Restoration court. Rewarded with titles, land, and jewels, she is the most envied and desired woman in England--and the most powerful. But the role of royal mistress is a precarious one, and Barbara's enemies and rivals are everywhere in the palace.
Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Miss Piggy releases her third book

The Diva herself is releasing her 3rd book coming January 27 2009 it is sure to be a hit among her fans. Head over to Amazon to place your preorder .This will be one I will be purchasing for sure so you can watch for the review here coming in February.
Friday, December 12, 2008

A Book For Barbie Fans

While searching the Coming Soon books on one of my book clubs I came across this fascinating book about the worlds most famous Fashion doll and her creator Ruth Handler. here is a brief summary of the book
When Ruth Handler first suggested the idea for an adult doll to her husband (and chief toy designer) Elliot, he balked. “Ruth, no mother is going to buy her daughter a doll with breasts,” he said. History, of course, has proven him and all the other naysayers wrong, and Barbie® has since gone on to become an Olympic athlete, an air force pilot, a presidential candidate and a cultural icon.Robin Gerber’s fascinating book tells the intertwined stories of Barbie and her creator, Ruth Handler—an indomitable entrepreneur who made Mattel into a giant, was forced out by scandal and turned her battle with cancer into a business that changed women’s lives. It’s a fascinating tale of two women, and how they indelibly changed America together. This is defiantly a book I will be watching for its release in February
Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Diana Conspiracy Not Worth The Money

I picked this up at B&N off the sale table but it really wasn't the money spent.
Gregory mostly repeats most of what we already have heard. I prefer the book Death of A Princess over this one. It seems that this is the book that inspired the move Diana The last days of a Princess, I hate to say this but I enjoyed the film much more than I did the book.
Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Red Queen's Daughter

Mary Seymour is the daughter of the great Katherine Parr--the last Queen of Henry VIII. Orphaned at a young age because of her mother's bad marriage to Thomas Seymour, Mary determines early on that love is a sentiment that causes foolishness at best, and death at worst. She is sent to be raised by Lady Strange, a mysterious noblewoman who informs her of her destiny: Mary is to be a white magician who will join Queen Elizabeth's court and ensure her safe reign. After spending her early years honing her education and learning the arts of the white magician, Mary is indeed invited to join Elizabeth's court as a Lady in Waiting. There is she is met with warm welcome from the Queen, but soon realizes that the court is also rife with ambitious men and women who are jockeying for power. The most dangerous of these is Edmund Seymour, Mary's cousin. The moment she meets the dark, mysterious courtesan, Mary is drawn to him despite herself. Edmund is a black magician--the mirror image of Mary's own powers. When Edmund becomes embroiled in a plot to overthrow the Queen, Mary has to risk everything she believes to fulfill her calling. But playing this dangerous game could cost her more than she ever imagined.
My Thoughts: This was a young adult book which was fine with me but I had hoped it had a little bit more history than fantasy after the first fifteen chapters I felt like I was reading a girl's version of Harry Potter. Although I could not finish this book my self I'm sure a 16 year old girl would enjoy this book.
Monday, November 17, 2008

The Last Heiress by Bertrice Small

Elizabeth Meredith is the last heiress of the Frairsgate estate. she is happy being the mistress of the estate until her mother tells her she must go to court to find love and a partner to help her with the family seat. Elizabeth is deadset against going to court and refuses to believe that she will be happy at court. Elizabeth meets the King's Mistress Anne Boleyn and becomes one of her greatest friends against her sister Philippa's wishes.Elizabeth soon grows bored of court life and asked to go home. She then meets Baen Macoll who believes himself to be unworthy of Elizabeth 's love because he was born on the wrong side of the blanket.
Can Elizabeth change his mind and help him see that together they can be happy.

My Thoughts:
My only complaint with this book was that there was not as many scenes with Anne as I would have liked.I would have like to have seen Elizabeth visit her friend while she was in the Tower rather than have a character tell Elizabeth what happen to Anne.Instead of Anne being portrayed as the strong Queen she was she was some what wimpy in this book I couldn't believe I was reading about the same legendary woman. Otherwise it was a nice conclusion to the series.
Thursday, November 13, 2008

Books For Christmas

I came across this neat blog BOOKS FOR THE HOLIDAYS One of the requirements of the misson is to list my own holiday wish list.

The King’s Favorite: A Novel of Nell Gwyn & King Charles II
Bu Susan Holloway Scott
In the Shadow of Lions
by Ginger Garrett
The Last Queen: A Novel
by C.W. Gortner
The Murder Of a Medici Princess
By Caroline P Murphy
And of Course I can not forget a Diana book for the year
Diana in Art
Most of my family memebers know I love to recieve A Diana book every year so its sort of a tradition. I enjoy the photo books as opposed to the tell all book.
Friday, October 31, 2008

Philipppa By Bertrice Small

Philippa is Rosamund's Heiress to the beautiful estate Friarsgate But Philippa has other plans. She plans to marry her childhood love but when her beau informs her is heading to the church to become a Priest. Philippa is swept back to the Court and to her place beside Kathrine of Aragon. Her Uncle Thomas takes the task to find a husband for his jilted niece and comes upon Crispin St Clair who ends up madly in love with Philippa . Together they Uncover a plot to Kill Henry VIII.Philippa is now a Countess and has no desire to run Friarsgate. Rosamund is surprised to learn that Elizabeth her youngest has the fierce desire to run her beloved land.
My Thoughts:
This book would be hard to get in to if you didn't read the first two I tried before I started the series and I failed each time. But this time around once I knew the characters I flew right through the story.Philippa is portrayed as somewhat immature but as the book progressed I had a sense that she had grown up. I am now on the 4th bok in the series The Last Heiress which tells the story of Elizabeth, Rosamund's youngest.
Monday, October 27, 2008

Dewey A Charming Tale

After passing up on this book last week
I went back to my local Walmart and grabbed the last copy of Dewey I mean after all who could resist the beautiful photo of him on the cover.
Dewey The cat was put in a library's book return drop. The next morning he was found by the staff of the Spencer Library in Iowa. Dewey became the town's first library cat and helped the patrons forget their troubles when they came to the library. I loved the stories of children coming in and always looking for Dewey and being there for his birthday parties.
This book is defiantly a must read if you love cats and libraries. If you live in small town with a library why not pick up a copy and donate it to them for the holidays. This is something I am going to do for my own small town library.
Dewey Online:Visit Dewey's website here
Sunday, October 19, 2008

Until You by Bertrice Small

Until You is the second book in the Friarsgate series it picks up after Owein Meridths death in 1511. Rosamund is determined to marry for love the third time around. She is summoned to Court of Margaret of Scotland it is there she meets the man who would become the love of her life. Patrick Leslie the Earl of Glenkirk. Rosamund accompanies him on a misson from the King of Scotland to San Lorenzo where they are free to carry out their love affair away from prying eyes. But all things must come to a end Rosamund and Patrick head back to their respective homes and plan to meet in the Spring. When Spring arrives Rosamund makes her way to their planned meeting place with her oldest daughter in tow.Only to learn that her beloved Patrick has had a seizure and does not remember her or their plans to marry. Heartbroken Rosamund returns to Friarsgate to mourn the lost of her beloved Patrick.
Logan Hepburn her bordering neighbor awaits his chance to prove his love to Rosamund and eventually capturing her heart for his own.
My Thoughts:
Until You was a fast paced read and really drew you in to the story once again I was enchanted by Rosamund's story and the wonderful characters . Although if you have not read the first in the series it probably would be pretty ahrd to enjoy it as a stand alone novel.
My favorite part of the story was the description of the portrait that was painted of Rosamund by Paola Loredano The description of the portrait happened to be the cover art for the book.
Be sure to check back for the reviews for the last two books in the series.
Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Death in Daytime By Eileen Davidson A Sudsy Read!

If you have grown up with the Young and the Restless on your television you will instantly know who Eileen Davidson is. She has appeared on three daytime Soaps over the years and is well known for her role as Ashley Abbot. This is her first in a new series of soap opera mysteries. Alex is a actress on of The Yearning Tide Who has had it with the head writer of the show and is the last person to have a an argument with Marcy the next thing she knows Marcy is bludgeoned to death with her prized Emmy. Alex takes it upon her self to solve the case in order to save her reputation as a daytime actress.

My thoughts:
As a avid fan of The Y&R I was really looking forward to this novel and boy was it a fun read!I am really looking forward to her second book Dial Emmy for murder which two of Young and the Restless stars make cameo appearances!
Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Series For Tudor Fans

Ever since I have read on Reading The Past about the upcoming series for the Tudors by Kate Emerson. I have been anxiously awaiting for more information about the series. The author has a website for this series with tons of Tudor goodies. I have already pre ordered my copy and started counting down the days til its arrival. If you have a few minutes check out the link below there are lots of interesting women, some I've never even heard of!
Side Note Kathy Lynn Emerson is writting under the pseudonym of Kate Emerson for this series.
Monday, October 6, 2008

Rosamund By Bertrice Small

A Couple of years ago I purchased the book Philippa by Bertrice Small. I started to read it and discovered that it was part of the Friarsgate series. Being one who prefers to read serial books in their order I put Philippa on the TBR shelf and waited until I could locate the first two books.
Rosamund is Philippa's mother who was wed and widowed twice before the age of 20. Her Uncle Henry Bolton has been plotting to take her beloved home by wedding her to his heir. But there is only one problem her prospect husband is 5 years old. So Rosamund is married to her uncle's cousin who in turns takes it upon his self to protect Rosamund and and teach her the ways of the land and how to take care of her self in the future.When Hugh passes on he leaves Rosamund in the care of His Majesty Henry VII of England to protect her from her Uncle. In rides Owein Meridith a knight who comes from court to escort Rosamund to London.While at court Rosamund befriends Princess Margaret Tudor and arouses the senses of Young Henry The VIII Who she lovingly calls "Hal". After a minor scandal Rosamund finds love for the first time In Owein and learns she has a long lost cousin who would be come her best friend.

Rosamund was a wonderful escape from everyday life for me. Alot of the main people from the Tudor Era come to life though the story, there was alot of humor as well one of my favorite scenes is when The Countess of Richmond Margaret was told that young Henry VIII has seduced Rosamund In a wager between Charles Brandon and Richard Neville . Her response was "~Gods nightshirt!I will have him Whipped!~"
When Rosamund meets her cousin Thomas Bolton She is surprised to learn that he does not have a wife or a mistress. Her cousin lavishes her with beautiful gowns and jewels and helps her with the latest styles at court by having her gowns altered and having her hair arranged in the latest styles of the day. Rosamund quickly learns that her beloved "Tom" is a man who likes women but does not love them . Tom's sense of humor really adds to the story he is very protective of his cousin yet he is a bit naughty as well always trying to find romance for her as well.
If you like historical characters mixed in romance this series is a good one to try.
Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Tsarina's Daughter By Carolly Erickson

Tiana tells her story in the form of a manuscript that is found among her papers after her death in 1989. She escaped the massacre of 1918 with her beau but never forgot what happened to her family. The Tsar and Tsarina are portrayed in the book as some what weak and befuddled which I doubt was really case. Rasputin has a small and brief appearance in the story. Tiana quickly learns not to trust him and is thrilled when he is quietly "taken care of" .
It was a really entertaining story to read if you don't mind liberties taken with the Romanov family's story.If you enjoyed Danielle Steel's Zoya you will probably enjoy this book as well
Monday, September 29, 2008

The Other Queen What Happen Philippa???

The long awaited story of Mary Queen of scots by Philippa Gregory has arrived but it left alot of things desired. Gregory chose to tell the story of the capture of Mary Queen of Scots using the Three first person views. Bess of Hardwick and Her husband The Earl of Shrewsbury and The Queen of Scotland. With only three or four pages dedicated to each character it was really hard to become engaged in the story. The characters were flat to me they didn't have any real personalities I felt like I was reading notes that they left behind. I was really disappointed in this book I expected more of "bang" for the end of the Tudor series but this was a complete disaster for any Philippa Gregory fan.
Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Philippa Gregory discusses The Other Queen and her Favorite spot in the Book Store

The First Princess of Wales

From the back of the book:When the lovely and high-spirited Joan of Kent is sent to this politically charged court, she is woefully unprepared for the underhanded maneuverings of her peers. Determined to increase the breadth of his rule, the king will use any means necessary to gain control of France—including manipulating his own son, Edward, Prince of Wales. Joan plots to become involved with the prince to scandalize the royal family, for she has learned they engineered her father’s downfall and death. But what begins as a calculated strategy soon—to Joan’s surprise—grows into love. When Joan learns that Edward returns her feelings, she is soon fighting her own, for how can she love the man that ruined her family? And, if she does, what will be the cost?
My thoughts: Karen Harper's Story of Joan of Kent was an ok read at sometimes the book seemed to drag on and I didnt feel that I was really being entertained at all.
It wasn't one of my favorites but I may hold on to the book and reread it in the future to see if my views change.
Friday, September 12, 2008

Being Elizabeth An Ok Read

At age twenty-five, Elizabeth Deravenel finds herself in a position few women her age could image: the head of Deravenels, a business empire that spans the globe. It’s a company whose reach is wide and whose secrets are deep. Deravenels has roots that go far back in her family’s history, and she knows the price that many had to pay to see it reach the success it is today. And Elizabeth is the youngest executive in the company she now leads. Surrounded by rumors and disloyalty, she knows that there are many people who would give anything to take down the company -- and her with it. With her enemies circling, she finds herself at a crossroad of choices involving her mind, her heart, and her destiny. As scandal surrounds the one man she’s ever loved, Elizabeth discovers how the next move she makes could have deadly and final consequences.

All the major historical characters from Elizabeth's reign are represented but given name changes Such as Robert Dudley is given the name Robert Dunley,
Lady Jane Gray was given the name Greyson, and passed away in a plane crash. Her Mother was given the name Anne Bowles.
The Author tried to cover all the major events in Elizabeth I's life in this book by making some changes along the way such as when Marie Stewart ( Mary Queen of Scots) was captured instead of being beheaded she was sent to jail for life due to fraud. the concept was good but the whole story seemed to drag on a bit and took me ages to get through it. Although some parts of the book were interesting such as the auction Elizabeth holds to raise money to help save her family business.
I am giving this book a 4 out of 10
Monday, August 25, 2008

A Dress For Diana Relive the Fairy Tale Wedding of the Century

A Dress For Diana is the story of the the most famous wedding of the century. Written by David and Elizabeth Emanuel the designers of the gown.
I waited a long time to purchase this book for my Diana library I was thrilled when I saw it at my local Barnes and Noble for $9.98
The book is loaded with some never before seen photographs of the gown in the process of being made as well as many little notes about each process that went in to making the Royal wedding gown. Notes from the ladies who took so much pride in creating a special gown fora special lady would would become the Queen of our hearts.
A Dress for Diana is so much more than a coffee table book of photos it's the history of one of the most beautiful wedding gowns ever made.
Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Autobiography of Henry VIII by Margaret George

I have always wondered what Henry thought about certain things in his life. Since he never really left a journal and we are only left with accounts of other people. I was looking for something that would give me some idea of what the king really felt. Although the book was indeed fiction I enjoyed imagining him sitting down everyday writting a bit about his day.The notes by his fool however got on my nerves. If you are looking for something from Henry's point of view this is a good choice.
Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Queens Bastard by Robin Maxwell

The sequel to the secret diary of Anne Boleyn Elizabeth gives birth to a son whom she conceived with Robert Dudley.The child is raised by another family while his mother believed he was a stillborn child. Only his adopted father knows of his real parents it is only when his adopted father is dying that he learns the the truth about his birth.
Monday, August 11, 2008

newsletter From Philippa Gregory

In my mail box today was the first newsletter from Phlippa Gregory I thought I would share it with all of you who also enjoy her books.

Hello and welcome to the first newsletter from the Philippa Gregory website.As all good literary newsletters should start - let me introduce my duckling. This is Charlie, so named in case he proves to be a boy or a girl who is the sole survivor from a nest which his mother fecklessly put in a very high window box. I had hoped to scoop up the nestlings the moment they hatched but they were too suicidally quick for me, and only Charlie survived. He has gone through his early ugly stage and is now becoming rather handsome. I have posted pictures on my home page. His mother is a calling duck in soft caramel brown plumage and he is growing adult feathers of toffee and chocolate. He comes out from the greenhouse to spend the day at the pond and then follows me home at night to be locked in safely with three other orphans. I have become quite duck obsessed with this little family and have been utterly distracted from the other work of writing, and preparing for publication of my new novel The Other Queen.
The Other Queen is the culmination of years of research and resistance to the iconic character of Mary Queen of Scots. I always felt that she was too grand, too beautiful, too doomed too all round romantic and nonsensical for me to take much of an interest in her. Her reputation in marriages of marrying one man by arrangement, and then another to irritate Elizabeth, and then finally the third who was her second husband's murderer seemed to add up to a woman whose judgement was disastrous. How glad I am that I read the new biography of her by John Guy My Heart is my Own. He paints a very different picture of a young woman, without good advisors, struggling to survive and rule a country which was on the brink of chaos. It would have taken an extraordinary character and extraordinary luck to have successfully ruled Scotland and Mary the Queen had one, but not the other. Guy's sympathetic portrait of her difficulties, and her remarkable attempts to succeed made me see that Mary, as so many other women in history, has been given a reputation that she does not deserve. The contrast between her - the much married unlucky beautiful Catholic Queen, and the Protestant triumphant virgin Queen of England has been too easy for most historians to resist. At about the same time I read Mary S. Lovell's wonderful biography, Bess of Hardwick , and realised that the greatest part of Mary's life was spent in captivity in England as the prisoner of George Earl of Shrewbury and his wife the extraordinary Bess. Bess is a fantastic and surprising character of Tudor England - an enterprising businesswoman who made her own fortune through five successful marriages and a determined and businesslike to managing her fortune. I thought the contrast of these two women in the same house would be a wonderful starting point to a novel, and then I discovered that George, Earl of Shrewsbury fell in love with his beautiful prisoner and his wife Bess left him. Research doesn't get much better than this!So this has been a wonderful novel to discover and write and the early reviews have shown a positive reader response. The book is out in the UK in August and in the US in September and I have very high hopes for its success. You will find the weblinks to pre-order the book at Barnes and Noble or Amazon on my site. **************************************
Tour dates I shall be touring with The Other Queen in both the US and the UK and these dates are now confirmed - but check the website for extra visits which are being scheduled all the time. I could be coming to an event near you.
The Other Boleyn Girl It's been a busy and enjoyable year so far. The Other Boleyn Girl movie is coming out on DVD this month and already people are talking about the differences between the movie and the book. I always expect readers to prefer a book to a movie - and mostly they do. But a lot of people have seen the movie and that has brought them to read the book and discover there is so much more than the director and writer were able to have in the film. Books are complex and thought provoking and good movies are more about action and emotional response. I was proud and satisfied by my book but I do love the movie. i defy anyone to see the closing scene of Natalie Portman as Anne Boleyn at the Tower, without being moved. All the performances are excellent, and the whole look of the movie is beautiful.
Current Work People ask me what I am working on at the moment and I am having a really wonderful time writing my new book The White Queen which will be the first in a series about the Plantaganet Kings and Queens - the family that came before the Tudors. They are a fascinating family with all the charm and glamour of the better known Tudors, but struggling to survive in a far wilder and more dangerous world. The White Queen of the title is ELizabeth Woodville, wife of Edward IV and I predict that readers will love her mixture of mediaeval witchcraft, realpolitik, and female manipulation. She is a wonderful character to write.I had been discussing the writing of this new novel with my friend the American artists R Kirk Moore who expressed an interest in creating a painting around the subject. Elizabeth Woodville's family had a mythical ancestress of Melusina, the water goddess, and I suggested her as a subject for Kirk. I have seen his early sketches which are quite lovely. But he struggled, I think, with my description of her looks which I named as a 'deadly beauty'. I think this is wonderful as verbal description but of course, it is not very helpful to an artist. We took some time examining by email what 'deadly beauty' might be and I suggested something between La Belle Dame Sans Merci and Cruella de Vill. His resulting work is a triumph of art over suggestion, and with his permission, I will show you a draft in my next newsletter.
And finally, I have been awarded a very great honour this month. My former university of Edinburgh, Scotland, where I was awarded my PhD in 1984, has named me Alumna of the Year 2008. I couldn't be more pleased! I shall accept the award in Edinburgh in early September. I shall keep you posted as to glory and ducklings ...Philippa G
Thursday, August 7, 2008

Annie's Olympic Challenge

Annie at Reading, Writing and Ranting is hosting a challenge to celebrate the Olympics

The Rules

1) You are to read as many books possible written by authors from your own country during the period the Olympics are on. The genre and length of the books will be up to you.
2) Each time you finish a book, post your name, country, blog address, book title and author as a comment on the bottom of this post. That will earn yourself and your country a silver medal. If you do all the above plus post a link to your review of the book you earn yourself and your country a gold medal.
I decided to join this challenge and hopefully I can find some american authors among my TBR pile.
Let the Games Begin!
Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Coming In the Mail Soon

Since I have become a member of two book clubs and a Member of Paperback swap the books have been coming in the mail just about every other week. here are the newest editions to my bookshelf. thier reviews will be coming in the future.
From Paperbackswap:

From The History Book Club

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kathryn In the Court of Six Queens, 454 pages of pure pleasure!

This novel is one for those who has a passion for any thing Tudors must read. It is one of the most sought after paperback of the 80s and there is a good reason why. Kathryn is a woman who has spent most of her life in the court of King Henry VIII being lady in waiting to all of his queens. In the mean time harboring secret love for the King's enemy John De gael of Windsgeat.Most of all the historical characters from the Tudor era are included in this fascinating tale. There are several fictional characters in the book such as Jaquetta who is a mistress of Henry and also Kathryn's best friend. There are cat fights between Anne and Kathryn as well as with Cathrine Howard. Kathryn's reaction to Anne of Cleeves will make you roar with laughter.When Henry takes Cathrine Parr as his final wife Kathryn is at court once again in time to save her from the fate of the wives before her. When Henry finally passes on she is married to her beloved John and delivers their son the heir of Windsgeat. If you enjoy the series The Tudors then this book is for you. it is simply a pleasure to read.
Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If I could Go back In time........

If I could live back in the Tudor era I would have loved to be Kathryn Chase from the book Kathryn in the Court of six Queens.Kathryn has a chance to meet all six of Henry VIII's queens and be the cousin of two Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard. But I would like to have had knowledge of what the future held for all the of the characters in the book. I could befriend the King and share with him how his reign has inspired many books and movie's and even a television series. I am sure he would have loved that little bit of news.

Through Kathryn's eyes I could see what exactly he looked like compared to the paintings today and hopefully he will look like this.......>

Perhaps I could let him know how his daughter Elizabeth changed the course of England's history with her reign. I would have warned Anne of the fate that lied before her. Then assured her that her daughter would one day be queen and make her and Henry proud. I would let Kathrine of Aragon know that her daughter Mary was also Queen of England and was not forgotten in the line of succession. I could have helped Henry's doctors save Jane Seymour and maybe she would have survived to live and reign with Henry for the rest of her days. Then Henry could have been spared the task of taking three other wives and beheading his youngest Catherine Howard. Anne of Cleeves could have been spared The rude remarks that were thrown at her when she arrived in England.Cathrine Parr could have married Thomas Seymour, and live happily ever after. Then I would come back and set the record straight with the media.

Thanks to Annie from Reading, Writing and Ranting For posting this Challenge I had a lot of fun with this.
Sunday, July 27, 2008

A New Royal Series for Young Girls

A new series for young girls has been released in the style of Royal Diaries.
the name of the series is Beneath the Crown and will highlight a Royal child in each book.
So far there are 3 book that have been released
The Last Duchess tells the story of Anastasia through the eyes of a friend named Dunia.Dunia’s life has been one of hardship . . . then she meets Rasputin, and through him, the Tsar of Russia. Dunia becomes a close friend of the Grand-duchess Anastasia. It seems that fortune is finally smiling on Dunia . . . until the dark clouds of revolution begin to loom over Russia.

The Princess In the tower tells the story of
Marie Thèrése the Daughter of Marie Antoinette.Mousseline to her family — spent her early childhood surrounded by family and servants, at the glittering palace of Versailles. But then came the French Revolution, and imprisonment in the Tower of the Temple. Her father is sent to the guillotine, then her mother is taken away . . . When, Mousseline wonders, will the executioner come for her?

The third on in the series seems to be a reissue of a book But was picked up to be part of the series as well this one tells the Story of Lady Jane grey and her fate as England's nine day queen. The true story of Lady Jane Grey who, at sixteen, ruled as Queen of England for nine days before being accused of treason. After the death of her cousin, Edward, Lady Jane Grey is forced to accept the crown of England. But her reign lasts only nine days as Edward?s eldest sister, Mary, challenges Jane for the throne. Jane is locked in the Tower of London, where she awaits her execution. The Nine Days Queen is the true story of a bright and intelligent young woman who was manipulated and betrayed …
This looks like it will be a wonderful series to introduce to any young girl in your life. So far they are only being offered through schools in Canada through Scholastic for book fairs and book orders. They do offer them on Amazon so if your interested check there. This is definitely a series I am going to be watching out for and collecting.
Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Challenge this one is For the Animals

I found another challenge to join this one involves Animals. we have to read six books fiction or nonfiction with a animal on the cover or in the title. The Challenge runs from July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009.I wanted to read one of my daughter's favorite series Warriors so this will fit in nicely. So far these are the ones that I am thinking of reading
Warriors By Erin Hunter In to the Wild,Moonrise,Midnight
Also on my list is a family favorite Cats Of Thistle Hill: A Mostly Peaceable Kingdom by Roger A. Caras.
So that leaves me with 2 more books to add to the list.
Please feel free to click the logo to help rescued animals its free and only takes one second.

The Animal Rescue Site
Saturday, July 19, 2008

Prospect Street

Faith Bronson gets the shock of her life when she discovers her husband is hiding a secret affair. Her whole world is falling apart when she visits a former childhood home with her mother.where her older sister was kidnapped. The home is a row home on Prospect street that several generations of family had lived in.The home needed restoring and held many secrets for Faith to unravel. Could she solve the mystery of her sister's kidnapping in the process?This was another wonderful book by Emilie Richards lots of mystery and family drama. After reading two good books of hers I will defiantly be on the look out for more.
Friday, July 18, 2008

A Dream of Queens and Castles Marion Dane Bauer

A Dream of Queens and Castles is a sweet story of a young lady who wants to meet Princess Diana when her mother moves them to England while she takes up a job there. Twelve year old Diana Baldwin believes that the Princess will understand her feelings of loneliness. After all the Princess had to leave her friends when she got married to the Prince. Diana Baldwin meets a elderly man who also has business with the Princess he wants the Princess to give him the Victoria's cross for his service in the war. Diana is not sure about her new friend but at least he knows his way around London and can help her get to Princess Diana. They decide they will take their journey together, Starting with reading the Court Circulars to find out where the Princess is and then they make their way to her. Diana finally gets to meet the Princess but only for a few seconds before she is taken away by policemen.

My Thoughts:This was a delightful story my only regret is that the Princess didn't have more of a storyline in the book. I would have liked it to end with Diana & the Princess really having tea together.

this is a great collector's book Since Diana is no longer with us I'm sure she would have loved this delightful little book .
Thursday, July 17, 2008

Interview With Philippa Gregory From the UK 6/30/08

Philippa Gregory: 'SJP's my biggest fan'Monday, June 30, 2008

Author Philippa Gregory, 54, wrote historical blockbuster The Other Boleyn Girl – about Mary and Anne Boleyn vying for Henry VIII's attention – adapted into a film starring Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson. She has written several sequels including forthcoming The Other Queen, about Mary Queen of Scots. The Other Boleyn Girl is out now on DVD.

Natalie Portman has called the film ‘a catfight movie’. Is that a fair description?Yes, it takes place in a clearly historical setting which makes it more than a straight catfight but it’s about two beautiful women competing for one powerful, handsome man. The novel made more of the historical context and supporting characters but you can’t do that in a movie. I had 500 pages rather than an hour-and-a-half.

What are the challenges of writing popular historical fiction?You take material which is strange to the reader but have to make them feel comfortable with it. Research is the first thing I do and is the most important element. Readers should read it as if it was a modern novel. There shouldn’t be a moment where they think: ‘Crikey, I wonder what a porringer is?’ They should feel like they’re there.

What is a porringer?It’s a dish used for serving food at the table. It’s like a big bowl, but don’t let that worry you.

What are the key ingredients for a popular historical novel?I have to have a story people think they know but told from a different point of view. I need a fascinating female character and I like underdog stories. You’ll have someone changing and developing psychologically, which means a crisis or romantic relationship but that isn’t essential. I don’t write romantic fiction.

Are you stuck in a Tudor rut?I’ve just written about Mary Queen of Scots, who was a Stewart, and my next three books are about the Plantagenets who came before the Tudors. I’m fascinated by that late medieval period. It’s a time when England becomes recognisable. Some of the families alive then are alive now, some of their descendents are still in the same houses, but in other ways it’s totally unrecognisable. There were only two roads in the whole country that were in any way reliable.

In the film, Anne Boleyn is seen considering committing incest with her brother. Historians say the charge was a stitch-up. What’s your verdict?

At the very least the historical record is possibly true. They were both charged and found guilty of having an incestuous relationship. I believe it was a show trial but, as the novel is written from her sister’s point of view, who saw her tried, found guilty and executed for it, she might have believed it actually happened.

Geri Halliwell is a fan. Is she a typical reader?I’ve sold 6million books, so that includes all sorts of people. I’ve had a letter from a soldier in the US army in Iraq who likes to read the battle sequences in my books. [US fashion designer] Vera Wang and Sarah Jessica Parker are fans. Geri Halliwell is obviously an intelligent young woman reading for pleasure, so in that regard she is a typical reader.

Geri has also set herself up as a children’s author. You’ve done that, too. Is it difficult?

Writing good children’s fiction is incredibly difficult. It’s possible to get published because you’re a celebrity but the proof is in the material between the covers, not in getting the publishing deal. Writing is an accessible art form. No one would say: ‘I fancy being a ballet dancer this summer.’ I should imagine she realises if she wants to do it well, she’ll have to work very hard.

What advice to you have for aspiring authors?

Don’t write it as if it’s a lottery ticket that you hope will make money. Write it as a work of art you can devote yourself to. Then, even if it isn’t published, you’ll have written a fine novel you can be proud of. Given how hard it is, how long it takes and how high the standard is – you’re working in the same medium as Jane Austen – you should do the very best you can.

New Books on the way.

Since I have donated 20 books to my local Library I needed to fill the spaces I cleared out.

I ordered some from Paperbackswap and treated my self to a rare historical novel. As soon as I finish Prospect Ave I will be reading some of these treasures.

Kathryn In the Court of Six Queens Anne Merton Abbey

I have heard so much about this book that I actually started looking for it a year ago and then forgot about it. After hearing how hard it was to find I set off on my own search i found it for $24.00 Kind of expensive for a paperback but I love the cover art so the price doesn't bother me too much.

Summary of the book:Her name was Kathryn Chase, sensuous and powerful lady-in-waiting during the scandalous reign of Henry Tudor. She was the friend of Catherine of Aragon, confidante of Anne Boleyn, and lover of John de Gael, sworn enemy of the English crown. As proud King Henry defied the Church to take six very different women as his brides, Kathryn was there to share their sins, secrets, and adventures, and to play her own role in weaving the colorful tapestry of English history. In this majestic and sweeping novel, history and imagination combine to create a dazzling world of opulence and pageantry, of violence and drama, of deep loyalty and deeper passions. The royal court during one of its most fascinating eras comes to vivid life, moving from silken bedrooms to glittering ballrooms to the farthest corners of the heart with a courageous woman whose veins flowed with the hot blood of great English families. Her name was Kathryn.

Blood Royal By Mollie Hardwick

This is another one I found one night while searching ebay for historical fiction books.The title "Blood Royal" Seems to be pretty popluar when it comes to royalty novels. Summary of the book: Dazzling pageantry, court intrigue and harsh twists of fate figure prominently in this skillfully told historical saga set mainly in 16th century England, and focusing on sisters Mary and Anne Boleyn. Their father, Sir Thomas Boleyn, a man obsessed with attaining prestige and royal recognition, manipulates his daughters mercilessly, oblivious to their tragic lack of foresight and restraint. As a result of his machinations, Mary and Anne are sent to France to serve the English princess Mary Tudor, bride of King Louis XII. Even in the licentious atmosphere of the French court, Mary's sexual wantonness gains attention. Disgraced beyond redemption, she returns home, bears two illegitimate children to King Henry VIII, marries twice and dies at 45. Anne, an outspoken beauty cursed with her father's ambitious nature, weds the fickle, notoriously cruel King Henry and gives birth to Elizabeth I. When he tires of her, Anne is unjustly convicted of adultery and beheaded. Hardwick brings to these often-told events a fine grasp of historical details, against which she deftly presents a turbulent, moving human drama.

The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette Carolly Erickson

Since I have already read the Two other novels by Erickson I figured I better read the first one that started it all before I get behind on her books.

Summary of the book:For more than two centuries Marie Antoinette has been vilified as the heartless, frivolous queen who spent lavishly while her people starved. Now, in the tradition of The Birth of Venus and The Other Boleyn Girl, this moving new novel tells her side of the story.Imagine that, on the night before she is to die under the blade of the guillotine, Marie Antoinette leaves behind in her prison cell a diary telling the story of her life - from her privileged childhood as Austrian Archduchess to her years as glamorous mistress of Versailles to the heartbreak of imprisonment and humiliation during the French Revolution. Carolly Erickson takes us deep into the psyche of France's doomed queen: her love affair with handsome Swedish diplomat Count Axel Fersen, who risked his life to save her on the terrifying night the Parisian mob broke into her palace bedroom intent on murdering her and her family; her harrowing flight from France in disguise, her recapture and the grim months of harsh captivity; her agony when her beloved husband was guillotined and her beloved son was torn from her arms, never to be seen again.

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What Ever Love Means A waste of time...

A friend of mine told me about this book when she located it at a boot sale in Cornwall England. She caught a glimpse of the eyes staring back at her. They were the the most famous eyes in the world they belong to Diana , Princess of Wales. The title came from Prince Charles's phrase in their engagement interview.
I thought I would give this book a try and hoped that it would be interesting to read. Well if you ever heard of that phrase you can't judge a book by its cover this is one of those cases. The entire book was about a affair between a man named Vic and his best friend's wife. Their first encounter happened on August 31,1997. I read about 50 pages of it and had to quit I was really annoyed with the whole story line. Needless to say I was really disappointed in this book and and wished I never even purchased it. Sad thing is I really love the cover.
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Georgiana The Duchess Of Devonshire

Georgiana Spencer was, in a sense, an 18th-century It Girl. She came from one of England's richest and most landed families (the late Princess Diana was a Spencer too) and married into another. She was beautiful, sensitive, and extravagant--drugs, drink, high-profile love affairs, and even gambling counted among her favorite leisure-time activities. Nonetheless, she quickly moved from a world dominated by social parties to one focused on political parties. The duchess was an intimate of ministers and princes, and she canvassed assiduously for the Whig cause, most famously in the Westminster election of 1784. By turns she was caricatured and fawned on by the press, and she provided the inspiration for the character of Lady Teazle in Richard Sheridan's famous play The School for Scandal. But her weaknesses marked the last part of her life. By 1784, for one, Georgiana owed "many, many, many thousands," and her creditors dogged her until her death.
My thoughts: I really enjoyed this book Georgiana wasa fascinating person to say the least she lived her life the way she wanted and had many powerful friends such as Marie Antoinette.
if you are interested in learning a little bit about the Spencer Family this book is a good one to read. it reads like a novel so its pretty easy to get through.
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The Wedding Ring By Emilie Richards

Helen is a strong willed woman who doesnt like any one to tell her what to do. but when her home has turned in to shrine for clutter and junk her daughter and granddaughter step in to help. In the process Helen tells stories of her childhood and Nancy Her daughter learns about her family history and tries to patch up her marriage.
Tessa finds a family heirloom quilt in shreds and together they work on the quilt to fix it while helping each other find thier way back to the ones they love. This is a wonderful book and the start of a series called the Shenandoah Album . This is one book that would make a wonderful Hallmark movie.
If you love stories about quilting and families this is a greeat one to read.
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Four more books to add to the book shelf.

After searching for a used book store for over a month I finally found one . About books Inc In Bloomington Illinois is a small but cute little book store that has thousands of books to choose from. It took me awhile but I chose four historical fiction books to add to my library.The ones I chose are Guenevere By Rosalind Miles, I Elizabeth also by Rosalind Miles, The Queen's Bastard by Robin Maxwell, and Wideacre by Philippa Gregory. All these great books for $24.00 you can't beat that!
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Currently Reading... Georgiana The Duchess of Devonshire

Since the movie Duchess has been made and due to release in september I have felt compelled to read the book. I have known about this book for a very long time.I just purchased it last December and it has just sat on my shelf begging to be read. So now that the film is on its way I am going to read it and hope the movie lives up to the book.
A few Facts about Georgiana:
She is Diana, Princess of Wales great great great aunt.
She became the Queen of Fashionable Society inthe 1700's.
Like her infamous niece there was 3 people her her marriage as well.
Keira Knightley As The Duchess of Devonshire