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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Doublet Affair An affair to remember....

This is the second in the Ursula Blanchard series and I really enjoyed this book. I started this book yesterday and I finished it tonight it was that good. The author takes some liberties in imagining that a plane could have been thought of during the Elizabethan era. An invention which of course failed in the book. Ursula must find out who is plotting against the Queen and trying to Put Mary Queen of Scots on the throne. She is placed in the mason family's home where the husband is obsessed with inventing a glider. The wife is a over worked housewife who employs Ursula to teach her girls embroidery.
During all this Ursula needs to get in to Mr Mason's study to find out how he is involved in the plot to over throw her half sister Elizabeth. I am really enjoying this series, Ursula is one character I can not get enough of.
If you have read To Shield the Queen you will want to read this one for sure.