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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Diana's friends were hopeful that separation from Charles would bring Diana freedom to find happiness. But has it? With her marriage in limbo and her children only occasionally by her side, Diana's position in the royal family is one of increasing isolation. Diana: Her New Life chronicles the secret battles that have raged behind closed doors, and Diana's frustration as she tries to break free from the restrictions of her semi-detached royal life.
Again with unprecedented access to some of Diana's closest friends, Andrew Morton strips away the royal propaganda and reveals how Diana is learning to become a woman in her own right not a puppet of the palace, and shares Diana's private thoughts on retirement from public life, remarriage, the men in her life, and the grooming of Prince William for his future role.

If you have read Diana Her True Story then most of this book is in there it picks up after Diana and Charles agree to separate and tells the story of how Diana managed to pick up the pieces in her life to form some sort of private life for herself.
the only thing is Diana did not authorize Andrew Morton to write this book she was reportedly upset that he wrote this book with out her consent after the fiasco with Diana her True Story.

This was the first Audio book I have listened to i found it quite enjoyable .