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Friday, July 18, 2008

A Dream of Queens and Castles Marion Dane Bauer

A Dream of Queens and Castles is a sweet story of a young lady who wants to meet Princess Diana when her mother moves them to England while she takes up a job there. Twelve year old Diana Baldwin believes that the Princess will understand her feelings of loneliness. After all the Princess had to leave her friends when she got married to the Prince. Diana Baldwin meets a elderly man who also has business with the Princess he wants the Princess to give him the Victoria's cross for his service in the war. Diana is not sure about her new friend but at least he knows his way around London and can help her get to Princess Diana. They decide they will take their journey together, Starting with reading the Court Circulars to find out where the Princess is and then they make their way to her. Diana finally gets to meet the Princess but only for a few seconds before she is taken away by policemen.

My Thoughts:This was a delightful story my only regret is that the Princess didn't have more of a storyline in the book. I would have liked it to end with Diana & the Princess really having tea together.

this is a great collector's book Since Diana is no longer with us I'm sure she would have loved this delightful little book .