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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If I could Go back In time........

If I could live back in the Tudor era I would have loved to be Kathryn Chase from the book Kathryn in the Court of six Queens.Kathryn has a chance to meet all six of Henry VIII's queens and be the cousin of two Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard. But I would like to have had knowledge of what the future held for all the of the characters in the book. I could befriend the King and share with him how his reign has inspired many books and movie's and even a television series. I am sure he would have loved that little bit of news.

Through Kathryn's eyes I could see what exactly he looked like compared to the paintings today and hopefully he will look like this.......>

Perhaps I could let him know how his daughter Elizabeth changed the course of England's history with her reign. I would have warned Anne of the fate that lied before her. Then assured her that her daughter would one day be queen and make her and Henry proud. I would let Kathrine of Aragon know that her daughter Mary was also Queen of England and was not forgotten in the line of succession. I could have helped Henry's doctors save Jane Seymour and maybe she would have survived to live and reign with Henry for the rest of her days. Then Henry could have been spared the task of taking three other wives and beheading his youngest Catherine Howard. Anne of Cleeves could have been spared The rude remarks that were thrown at her when she arrived in England.Cathrine Parr could have married Thomas Seymour, and live happily ever after. Then I would come back and set the record straight with the media.

Thanks to Annie from Reading, Writing and Ranting For posting this Challenge I had a lot of fun with this.