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Sunday, July 27, 2008

A New Royal Series for Young Girls

A new series for young girls has been released in the style of Royal Diaries.
the name of the series is Beneath the Crown and will highlight a Royal child in each book.
So far there are 3 book that have been released
The Last Duchess tells the story of Anastasia through the eyes of a friend named Dunia.Dunia’s life has been one of hardship . . . then she meets Rasputin, and through him, the Tsar of Russia. Dunia becomes a close friend of the Grand-duchess Anastasia. It seems that fortune is finally smiling on Dunia . . . until the dark clouds of revolution begin to loom over Russia.

The Princess In the tower tells the story of
Marie Thèrése the Daughter of Marie Antoinette.Mousseline to her family — spent her early childhood surrounded by family and servants, at the glittering palace of Versailles. But then came the French Revolution, and imprisonment in the Tower of the Temple. Her father is sent to the guillotine, then her mother is taken away . . . When, Mousseline wonders, will the executioner come for her?

The third on in the series seems to be a reissue of a book But was picked up to be part of the series as well this one tells the Story of Lady Jane grey and her fate as England's nine day queen. The true story of Lady Jane Grey who, at sixteen, ruled as Queen of England for nine days before being accused of treason. After the death of her cousin, Edward, Lady Jane Grey is forced to accept the crown of England. But her reign lasts only nine days as Edward?s eldest sister, Mary, challenges Jane for the throne. Jane is locked in the Tower of London, where she awaits her execution. The Nine Days Queen is the true story of a bright and intelligent young woman who was manipulated and betrayed …
This looks like it will be a wonderful series to introduce to any young girl in your life. So far they are only being offered through schools in Canada through Scholastic for book fairs and book orders. They do offer them on Amazon so if your interested check there. This is definitely a series I am going to be watching out for and collecting.