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Monday, October 27, 2008

Dewey A Charming Tale

After passing up on this book last week
I went back to my local Walmart and grabbed the last copy of Dewey I mean after all who could resist the beautiful photo of him on the cover.
Dewey The cat was put in a library's book return drop. The next morning he was found by the staff of the Spencer Library in Iowa. Dewey became the town's first library cat and helped the patrons forget their troubles when they came to the library. I loved the stories of children coming in and always looking for Dewey and being there for his birthday parties.
This book is defiantly a must read if you love cats and libraries. If you live in small town with a library why not pick up a copy and donate it to them for the holidays. This is something I am going to do for my own small town library.
Dewey Online:Visit Dewey's website here