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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another book club

I recieved a cataloge from History Books club today. I tried really hard to ignore it and not look at it. I knew if I did I would find something I would want to order. I already belong to Doubleday book club and I really didn't need to join another one. But Oh no I had to look at it and found several I wanted. So what do I do I join the club. I logged online and decided to see what they had to offer and I chose four that were already on my Amazon wish list so it wasn't so bad after all. just looks like my TBR list is going to get longer.
Now we just have to wait for mr mail man to hurry up and bring them.

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Monday, May 5, 2008

My Enemy The Queen By Victoria Holt {Historical novel Challenge book 1}

My Enemy The Queen is a story told from the view of Lettice Knolly's Queen Elizabeth's cousin.They both fall In love with Robert Dudley but only one can be his wife and one his lifelong mistress. Both women compete for the affection of this man who charmed the Queen but defied her by marrying her cousin. When the Earl of Leicester passes on Lettice's son becomes the Queen's favorite until he is led to the scaffold for betraying the Queen. This is my first Victoria Holt novel it took me some time to really get in to the story. But towards the end of the book I was hooked on it and wanted to find out what happend to Lettice after every one she loved has gone on before her. A interesting book to start with if you like the Elizabethan years.