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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blood Royal By Harold Robbins

The Princess of Wales has Murdered the Prince of Wales and Marlow James is the American attorney the Princess chose to represent her. Marlow is not sure what she thinks of the Princess all she knows is that she has to find some way to get her client free and in the process she uncovered a surprising plot, in the end she finds love for herself and a understanding of the Princess of wales that only a woman could understand.
If you are a Dianaphile and always hoped that she could have in real life found a way to get back at the establishment. And live happy ever after at the same time. you should read this book. Diana is not mentioned by name in the book but if you have followed her life story you will recognize her in the "Princess" Character.I loved how this book ended it really surprised me I would recommend this book to any of my Diana friends to read for sure.
Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Diana Chronicles

I was really trying to avoid this book figuring it would be another Lets Tell on Diana sort of book. I received the paper back as a birthday gift and decided to give it a try. One thing I noticed was we didn't have to sift through Diana's early years I have read that story so many times that I could quote it word for word. The book was a fair look in to Diana's life and it didn't make her out to be a saint or sinner but a ordinary person.
Brown used allot of references and quotes from all of the other Diana books that were written in recent years so there is not that much new material included. If you have read everything there is about Diana you would remember alot of the quotes. It was a really fast read for me and I enjoyed it. I would recommend this book if you are interested in the "Diana" years and don't want to really read all the other books about her.
Don't read this if you are thinking it is a biography if you want a Bio of Diana read Diana Her True Story.