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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Four more books to add to the book shelf.

After searching for a used book store for over a month I finally found one . About books Inc In Bloomington Illinois is a small but cute little book store that has thousands of books to choose from. It took me awhile but I chose four historical fiction books to add to my library.The ones I chose are Guenevere By Rosalind Miles, I Elizabeth also by Rosalind Miles, The Queen's Bastard by Robin Maxwell, and Wideacre by Philippa Gregory. All these great books for $24.00 you can't beat that!
Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Currently Reading... Georgiana The Duchess of Devonshire

Since the movie Duchess has been made and due to release in september I have felt compelled to read the book. I have known about this book for a very long time.I just purchased it last December and it has just sat on my shelf begging to be read. So now that the film is on its way I am going to read it and hope the movie lives up to the book.
A few Facts about Georgiana:
She is Diana, Princess of Wales great great great aunt.
She became the Queen of Fashionable Society inthe 1700's.
Like her infamous niece there was 3 people her her marriage as well.
Keira Knightley As The Duchess of Devonshire

Queen's Ransom by Fiona Buckley

Queen's ransom is the third installment of the Ursula Blanchard mysteries series.Ursula agrees to travel to France to deliver a message to Catherine de Medici's,while helping her former father law collect his ward from France. During the process Ursula's Maid is arrested and Ursula must think fast to collect a ransom to help free her maid. This one took me little longer to read I think it had too many characters in this one for me to keep up with.I would give this one a 4 out of 10.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Lady Elizabeth Glorious!

After reading Weir's Innocent Traitor I knew her next novel would be just as good.. The novel starts with Elizabeth as 3 years old unaware of her mother's fate. as she approaches childhood she encounters, the death of her mother , and two stepmothers. The unwanted affections of a stepfather almost ruined her reputation.she endured her sister's mistrust and dodged all sorts of plots to have her executed. This book was a enjoyable read. if you love Tudor history and love innocent traitor then you will enjoy the presence of Lady Elizabeth

Diana's friends were hopeful that separation from Charles would bring Diana freedom to find happiness. But has it? With her marriage in limbo and her children only occasionally by her side, Diana's position in the royal family is one of increasing isolation. Diana: Her New Life chronicles the secret battles that have raged behind closed doors, and Diana's frustration as she tries to break free from the restrictions of her semi-detached royal life.
Again with unprecedented access to some of Diana's closest friends, Andrew Morton strips away the royal propaganda and reveals how Diana is learning to become a woman in her own right not a puppet of the palace, and shares Diana's private thoughts on retirement from public life, remarriage, the men in her life, and the grooming of Prince William for his future role.

If you have read Diana Her True Story then most of this book is in there it picks up after Diana and Charles agree to separate and tells the story of how Diana managed to pick up the pieces in her life to form some sort of private life for herself.
the only thing is Diana did not authorize Andrew Morton to write this book she was reportedly upset that he wrote this book with out her consent after the fiasco with Diana her True Story.

This was the first Audio book I have listened to i found it quite enjoyable .