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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Tsarina's Daughter By Carolly Erickson

Tiana tells her story in the form of a manuscript that is found among her papers after her death in 1989. She escaped the massacre of 1918 with her beau but never forgot what happened to her family. The Tsar and Tsarina are portrayed in the book as some what weak and befuddled which I doubt was really case. Rasputin has a small and brief appearance in the story. Tiana quickly learns not to trust him and is thrilled when he is quietly "taken care of" .
It was a really entertaining story to read if you don't mind liberties taken with the Romanov family's story.If you enjoyed Danielle Steel's Zoya you will probably enjoy this book as well
Monday, September 29, 2008

The Other Queen What Happen Philippa???

The long awaited story of Mary Queen of scots by Philippa Gregory has arrived but it left alot of things desired. Gregory chose to tell the story of the capture of Mary Queen of Scots using the Three first person views. Bess of Hardwick and Her husband The Earl of Shrewsbury and The Queen of Scotland. With only three or four pages dedicated to each character it was really hard to become engaged in the story. The characters were flat to me they didn't have any real personalities I felt like I was reading notes that they left behind. I was really disappointed in this book I expected more of "bang" for the end of the Tudor series but this was a complete disaster for any Philippa Gregory fan.