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Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Series For Tudor Fans

Ever since I have read on Reading The Past about the upcoming series for the Tudors by Kate Emerson. I have been anxiously awaiting for more information about the series. The author has a website for this series with tons of Tudor goodies. I have already pre ordered my copy and started counting down the days til its arrival. If you have a few minutes check out the link below there are lots of interesting women, some I've never even heard of!
Side Note Kathy Lynn Emerson is writting under the pseudonym of Kate Emerson for this series.
Monday, October 6, 2008

Rosamund By Bertrice Small

A Couple of years ago I purchased the book Philippa by Bertrice Small. I started to read it and discovered that it was part of the Friarsgate series. Being one who prefers to read serial books in their order I put Philippa on the TBR shelf and waited until I could locate the first two books.
Rosamund is Philippa's mother who was wed and widowed twice before the age of 20. Her Uncle Henry Bolton has been plotting to take her beloved home by wedding her to his heir. But there is only one problem her prospect husband is 5 years old. So Rosamund is married to her uncle's cousin who in turns takes it upon his self to protect Rosamund and and teach her the ways of the land and how to take care of her self in the future.When Hugh passes on he leaves Rosamund in the care of His Majesty Henry VII of England to protect her from her Uncle. In rides Owein Meridith a knight who comes from court to escort Rosamund to London.While at court Rosamund befriends Princess Margaret Tudor and arouses the senses of Young Henry The VIII Who she lovingly calls "Hal". After a minor scandal Rosamund finds love for the first time In Owein and learns she has a long lost cousin who would be come her best friend.

Rosamund was a wonderful escape from everyday life for me. Alot of the main people from the Tudor Era come to life though the story, there was alot of humor as well one of my favorite scenes is when The Countess of Richmond Margaret was told that young Henry VIII has seduced Rosamund In a wager between Charles Brandon and Richard Neville . Her response was "~Gods nightshirt!I will have him Whipped!~"
When Rosamund meets her cousin Thomas Bolton She is surprised to learn that he does not have a wife or a mistress. Her cousin lavishes her with beautiful gowns and jewels and helps her with the latest styles at court by having her gowns altered and having her hair arranged in the latest styles of the day. Rosamund quickly learns that her beloved "Tom" is a man who likes women but does not love them . Tom's sense of humor really adds to the story he is very protective of his cousin yet he is a bit naughty as well always trying to find romance for her as well.
If you like historical characters mixed in romance this series is a good one to try.