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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Death in Daytime By Eileen Davidson A Sudsy Read!

If you have grown up with the Young and the Restless on your television you will instantly know who Eileen Davidson is. She has appeared on three daytime Soaps over the years and is well known for her role as Ashley Abbot. This is her first in a new series of soap opera mysteries. Alex is a actress on of The Yearning Tide Who has had it with the head writer of the show and is the last person to have a an argument with Marcy the next thing she knows Marcy is bludgeoned to death with her prized Emmy. Alex takes it upon her self to solve the case in order to save her reputation as a daytime actress.

My thoughts:
As a avid fan of The Y&R I was really looking forward to this novel and boy was it a fun read!I am really looking forward to her second book Dial Emmy for murder which two of Young and the Restless stars make cameo appearances!