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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Until You by Bertrice Small

Until You is the second book in the Friarsgate series it picks up after Owein Meridths death in 1511. Rosamund is determined to marry for love the third time around. She is summoned to Court of Margaret of Scotland it is there she meets the man who would become the love of her life. Patrick Leslie the Earl of Glenkirk. Rosamund accompanies him on a misson from the King of Scotland to San Lorenzo where they are free to carry out their love affair away from prying eyes. But all things must come to a end Rosamund and Patrick head back to their respective homes and plan to meet in the Spring. When Spring arrives Rosamund makes her way to their planned meeting place with her oldest daughter in tow.Only to learn that her beloved Patrick has had a seizure and does not remember her or their plans to marry. Heartbroken Rosamund returns to Friarsgate to mourn the lost of her beloved Patrick.
Logan Hepburn her bordering neighbor awaits his chance to prove his love to Rosamund and eventually capturing her heart for his own.
My Thoughts:
Until You was a fast paced read and really drew you in to the story once again I was enchanted by Rosamund's story and the wonderful characters . Although if you have not read the first in the series it probably would be pretty ahrd to enjoy it as a stand alone novel.
My favorite part of the story was the description of the portrait that was painted of Rosamund by Paola Loredano The description of the portrait happened to be the cover art for the book.
Be sure to check back for the reviews for the last two books in the series.