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Friday, October 31, 2008

Philipppa By Bertrice Small

Philippa is Rosamund's Heiress to the beautiful estate Friarsgate But Philippa has other plans. She plans to marry her childhood love but when her beau informs her is heading to the church to become a Priest. Philippa is swept back to the Court and to her place beside Kathrine of Aragon. Her Uncle Thomas takes the task to find a husband for his jilted niece and comes upon Crispin St Clair who ends up madly in love with Philippa . Together they Uncover a plot to Kill Henry VIII.Philippa is now a Countess and has no desire to run Friarsgate. Rosamund is surprised to learn that Elizabeth her youngest has the fierce desire to run her beloved land.
My Thoughts:
This book would be hard to get in to if you didn't read the first two I tried before I started the series and I failed each time. But this time around once I knew the characters I flew right through the story.Philippa is portrayed as somewhat immature but as the book progressed I had a sense that she had grown up. I am now on the 4th bok in the series The Last Heiress which tells the story of Elizabeth, Rosamund's youngest.
Monday, October 27, 2008

Dewey A Charming Tale

After passing up on this book last week
I went back to my local Walmart and grabbed the last copy of Dewey I mean after all who could resist the beautiful photo of him on the cover.
Dewey The cat was put in a library's book return drop. The next morning he was found by the staff of the Spencer Library in Iowa. Dewey became the town's first library cat and helped the patrons forget their troubles when they came to the library. I loved the stories of children coming in and always looking for Dewey and being there for his birthday parties.
This book is defiantly a must read if you love cats and libraries. If you live in small town with a library why not pick up a copy and donate it to them for the holidays. This is something I am going to do for my own small town library.
Dewey Online:Visit Dewey's website here