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Friday, December 12, 2008

A Book For Barbie Fans

While searching the Coming Soon books on one of my book clubs I came across this fascinating book about the worlds most famous Fashion doll and her creator Ruth Handler. here is a brief summary of the book
When Ruth Handler first suggested the idea for an adult doll to her husband (and chief toy designer) Elliot, he balked. “Ruth, no mother is going to buy her daughter a doll with breasts,” he said. History, of course, has proven him and all the other naysayers wrong, and Barbie® has since gone on to become an Olympic athlete, an air force pilot, a presidential candidate and a cultural icon.Robin Gerber’s fascinating book tells the intertwined stories of Barbie and her creator, Ruth Handler—an indomitable entrepreneur who made Mattel into a giant, was forced out by scandal and turned her battle with cancer into a business that changed women’s lives. It’s a fascinating tale of two women, and how they indelibly changed America together. This is defiantly a book I will be watching for its release in February