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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Royal Harlot

Susan Holloway Scott brought Barbara Villiers to life with her novel Royal Harlot.
Barbara was Charles II mistress and held his attention for 10 years. A young but far from innocent Barbara marries rich but proper Roger Palmer, whose Royalist politics set them on the path that will make her a famous courtesan and favorite of King Charles II. Lusty, bawdy and cunning, she's a fine match for the king, whose reign is portrayed as fraught with great expectations that go largely unfulfilled. London, 1660: Ready to throw off a generation of Puritan rule, all England rejoices when Charles Stuart returns to reclaim the throne. Among those welcoming him is young Barbara Villiers Palmer, a breathtaking Royalist beauty whose sensuality and clever wit instantly captivate the handsome, jaded king. Though each is promised to another, Barbara soon becomes Charles's mistress and closest friend, and the uncrowned queen of his bawdy Restoration court. Rewarded with titles, land, and jewels, she is the most envied and desired woman in England--and the most powerful. But the role of royal mistress is a precarious one, and Barbara's enemies and rivals are everywhere in the palace.
Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Miss Piggy releases her third book

The Diva herself is releasing her 3rd book coming January 27 2009 it is sure to be a hit among her fans. Head over to Amazon to place your preorder .This will be one I will be purchasing for sure so you can watch for the review here coming in February.