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Monday, January 5, 2009

Chosen The lost Diaries of Queen Esther By Ginger Garrett

Esther is just a simple Jewish girl who lives with her Cousin Mordecai. Until one fateful day the King of Persia is on the look out fora new wife. Esther is picked to join the King's harem and thrown in to a world in which she has no knowledge of. In order to survive she must keep her religion a secret from those who wish her people harm. She is chosen as one of the most beautiful girls in the harem and spends a year preparing her self to be received by the king. She captures the king's heart with her wit and intelligence and became on of the greatest Queens of the biblical age. I thoroughly enjoyed Esther's story it was written in diary format but it blended together quite well. As you read the book you are presented with certain articles related to The Queen's diaries in which Garrett carefully weaves modern day facts with the fictional story. The book is considered Christian fiction but Like Shadows is not all preachy. Garrett is fast becoming one of my favorite authors this year I have one more book to read of hers so stay tuned for the next one titled Dark Hour. Rating: A