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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's Good to Be Queen Challenge

I am going to jump in and host my first challenge and I hope others will join. Since I have tons of books on My TBR about Women were a Queens or tried to be come one .I decided that this would be the perfect challenge to host.
Chose 2-4 books on any women who reigned as Queen. Your Queen can be from any era as long as she held the title Queen Or Empress at some point in her lifetime. The books can be fiction or nonfiction which ever your prefer.Just make your list on your blog and link the button back here.
The Challenge starts January 30,2009 and runs til June 2, 2009.
Don't forget to use the button on your blog and Leave a comment under this post to let me know you have signed up.

Here is the button for you all to use on your blog