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Thursday, February 5, 2009

First Light A.D Chronicles

Summary: The First in the A.D Chronicles The book starts off in a hidden chamber in side a library that holds 70 scrolls Moshea tells his son Shimon to start with number four. which tells the story of Mannen, Peniel, Susanna, Zadok and Marcus. Their stories take place during a time when the world was going through turbulent times. they meet Yeshua who many believe is the Messiah.
My thoughts: Since this is the first in the series I expected more excitement than what I read. it seemed to drag on and it took forever for the characters to meet up with one another . I am not going to give up on the series just yet. I did enjoy Peniel's story and found him to be one of my favorite characters. For his sake I am giving the book a C in rating.
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