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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The King's Rose By Alissa M Libby

Appointed to the queen’s household at the age of fourteen, Catherine Howard is not long at court before she catches the eye of King Henry VIII. The king is as enchanted with Catherine as he is disappointed with his newest wife — the German princess Anne of Cleves. Less than a year from her arrival at court, Catherine becomes the fifth wife of the overwhelmingly powerful, if aging, King of England.
My Thoughts:Catherine Howard is just a girl who got tangled up in to her family's plots to gain favor from the King. Like many I always considered that Catherine was a spolit brat who lost her head to just being stupid with her actions. Libby's book although writen for young adults really gave a frsh new look at the world of Catherine Howard. I really enjoyed the scenes with her cousin Anne"s ghost. The book is a great one to introduce the younger girls in your family to the intrigue of th Tudor Era.
Rating A