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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reading inspiration: Royal Lady ACEO Cards

A few weeks ago I found these cards on ebay and I knew I just had to have them I was only intending to purchase the Princess Diana one but once I recieved it. I had to have Queen Elizabeth I and Anne Boleyn. When I recieved my cards today I was surprised to see Marie Antoinette was included. They are all part of the artist series named GERI's GIRLS .
Geri Centonze sells her beautiful art on Ebay under the id My Heart Art. These are great little cards to collect as well trade. When I was doing research on ACEO's I found out that this is a centuries old hobby and that King's often had artist cards done of thier Mistresses. Because they were small enough to conceal from unsuspecting wives. Today they are done as a trading card hobby and are done in all sorts of media. I personally can not wait to see the rest of the Royal Ladies that Geri will honor in her art.


Amy said...

Thanks for posting - those are super cool and I am so ordering some!

Dani said...

Amy, your welcome i hope to be able to add more royal ladies to my collection. They are easy to frame as well and display in your reading area.