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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blood Royal By John Pearson

Blood Royal tells the Story of the Spencers and their relationship with the Royal family through history. I read this book in one day the amount of history in this book is awesome although the chapters are fairley brief. The fascinating tale of each generation’s task of keeping Althorp for the future Spencers was enough to hold your attention . The tale of Diana’s stepmother redecorating the century old house was really interesting it really needed 2 more chapters on that subject. Diana’s legacy entered at the end of the book her marriage to Prince Charles forever changed her family’s legacy and fufilled one of thier ancestors biggest goals. Her burial at the estate has helped cement her brother’s legacy as the ninth Earl as well and provide her family home some income for its upkeep. I really enjoyed the book as well as all the little fascianting tidbits about the family and the estate. If you can locate a copy of this rare book on the family be sure to grab it. Rating: A

Dial Emmy For Murder

Elieen Wowed me again with her spunky new mystery. Dial Emmy For Murder starts off at the Emmy awards at the Kodak theater. Alexis is the cohost at the ceremony. While she is opening the show with the first award of the evening she is confronted with her dead co-host hanging above her dripping in blood. She makes her misson to solve the murder of her fellow costars and stumbles across a whole new set of murders.
I read this book in one day like the first one it was almost like watching a mini movie. There were lots of laugh out loud moments as well as some familar characters from the first book and as a bonus several real daytime divas make an apperance in the book as well.
Eileen also included 1 chapter of her third book coming soon this one is set at the playboy manison. Rating: A