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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blood Royal By Mollie Hardwick

Pageantry, court intrigue and harsh twists of fate figure prominently in this skillfully told historical saga set mainly in 16th century England, and focusing on sisters Mary and Anne Boleyn. Their father, Sir Thomas Boleyn, a man obsessed with attaining prestige and royal recognition, manipulates his daughters mercilessly, oblivious to their tragic lack of foresight and restraint. As a result of his machinations, Mary and Anne are sent to France to serve the English princess Mary Tudor, bride of King Louis XII. Even in the licentious atmosphere of the French court, Mary's sexual wantonness gains attention. Disgraced beyond redemption, she returns home, bears two illegitimate children to King Henry VIII, marries twice and dies at 45. Anne, an outspoken beauty cursed with her father's ambitious nature, weds the fickle, notoriously cruel King Henry and gives birth to Elizabeth I. When he tires of her, Anne is unjustly convicted of adultery and beheaded.
My Thoughts: Hardwick's version of Mary was alot more interesting that Philippa Gregorys I felt that Mary had more feeling that the one portrayed in The Other Bolyen girl. towards the end the story is split up in to several different narritives such as Tom Wyatt, Mary, Elizabeth ( Anne's Mother) it gave a wonderfull look at life at Hever as well. Rating: A