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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Palace Diaries Sarah Goodall

First of all I have to say that I dont expect every one to agree with my feelings on the Late Princess of Wales. I respect other people's feelings about her.I have read some books that didnt portray her as they way I would like to remember her. Which is a long way from a saint but a person who tried her hardest to fit in to the Royal family. With that said I have to just rant on this author a bit. First of all she is a grown woman who has a crush on the Prince of Wales and in her book this is all we hear about. How poor HRH has to deal with the Bossette. She is really awful about Diana Calling her names through out the book and basically blaming her for the whole marriage failing. We are fed snippets of Goodalls life inside the palace as she is constantly chasing men around and swooning over Charles. That is until Camilla steps in to the picture. She meets Camilla and assumes She is her friend. and all things are ok until Camilla makes it known that Sarah has to go because she feels threatened. Sarah is fired after 12 years of service to her loving prince. The thing that really bothers me is this woman who claimed to so dislike Diana also including several photos of her in the book some I never seen. Although she slams Diana's employers for writing books and Andrew Morton for helping Diana get her side of the story out she sure knows how to use Diana for her own devices. Dont waste your money of this piece of trash. Rating F