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Monday, September 21, 2009

Back with 3 Reviews

Even though I have not been posting much I have finished reading 3 book since the last post. So let's get to those reviews.
The White Queen tells the story of a woman of extraordinary beauty and ambition who, catching the eye of the newly crowned boy king, marries him in secret and ascends to royalty. While Elizabeth rises to the demands of her exalted position and fights for the success of her family, her two sons become central figures in a mystery that has confounded historians for centuries: the missing princes in the Tower of London whose fate is still unknown. I really enjoyed this book I was very leery on reading this one due to the fact that I did not care for The Other Queen. But I decided to give PG one more chance and see how this new series would fare. I don't know much about the War of the Roses or the characters in the whole story but this was a good introduction book in to this time period. I am really looking forward to book two. Rating B

Jackie, Ethel , Joan

Jacqueline Bouvier. Ethel Skakel. Joan Bennett. Three women who married into America's royal family and lived in the glory and glare of politics' highest echelons. The Camelot years taught markedly different life lessons to each of them: Jackie's hopes became reality, but at an unfathomable cost; Ethel's dream to be First Lady died along with her brutally assassinated husband; and Joan's years as a Kennedy were the most confusing of her life. But whether dealing with their husbands' blatant infidelities, smiling on the campaign trail, enhancing the family's legacy, or raising their children, the Kennedy wives did it all with unquestioned grace, style, and dignity.
If ever three women would be changed and challenged by their marriages, they would be Jacqueline Bouvier, Ethel Skakel and Joan Bennett. None of them, as radiant brides could have been prepared for the fame, tragedies and difficult lives awaiting them, As each struggled in her own way to cope with her husbands' infidelities and scandals, the assassinations of Jack and Bobby Kennedy, the complexity of the Marilyn Monroe matter that had so vexed Jackie, and the harsh glare of constant media attention, they would become like sisters, reaching out to one another for comfort and consolation. But like sisters, they would also compete with one another, argue and become estranged, sometimes for years -- as did Jackie and Ethel over Aristotle Onassis. Now, from J. Randy Taraborrelli, comes a biography that for the first time truly captures their special sisterhood. Jackie, Ethel, Joan carefully separates fact from innuendo and explores the women's complex relationships with one another as well as with the ambitious, raucous and powerful Kennedy clan that nearly devoured them. For years we have treated the Kennedy men's unfaithfulness almost as an eccentricity, and in doing so we've overlooked something very important. There were victims involved. After all, these were married men who had wives ... who suffered. J. Randy Taraborrelli now shows us the Kennedy wives' private lives with a wealth of information available to no other biographers. Based on extensive research, including copious interviews with their closest friends, never-before-published oral histories from the JFK and LBJ Libraries, and stunning insights from letters and tapes published here for the first time, Jackie, Ethel, Joan presents a balanced, psychologically astute, affectionate and fascinating portrayal of three extraordinary women ... and shows us their courage in a way that may inspire our own.

I found this book at my local library for 50 cents and decided to pick it up.

I have seen the TV movie years ago and figured the book would be just as good . I was right Jackie is pretty much the focal point of the 3 sister in laws. Ethel and Joan obviously look up to her and tried to fit in to the Kennedy family in their own way. The Chapter On Marilyn Monroe was really interesting. If you love the Camelot era and the Kennedy gossip this book is a good on to pick up. Rating: B

The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane
Set in Cambridge and Marblehead, Mass., Howe's propulsive if derivative novel alternates between the 1991 story of college student Connie Goodwin and a group of 17th-century outcasts. After moving into her grandmother's crumbling house to get it in shape for sale, Connie comes across a small key and piece of paper reading only Deliverance Dane. The Salem witch trials, contemporary Wicca and women's roles in early American history figure prominently as Connie does her academic detective work. What follows is a breezy read in which Connie must uncover the mystery of a shadowy book written by the enigmatic Deliverance Dane. During Connie's investigation, she relies on a handsome steeplejack for romance and her mother and an expert on American colonial history for clues and support
I ordered this book based on the trailer on Barnes and Noble. I started this book on Saturday and finshed it yesterdaythe first couple of chapters were slow but once the character gets to her grana's house and starts looking around the house the story picked up and the mystery starts to really pick up. At the end I was wishing the book would continue with a sequel.
Rating: A