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Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Dangerous Love By Bertrice Small

Brief summary :After Lancastrains murder her family Adair Radcliffe and her nurse seek the protection of Edward the IV who is her biological father. ten years later she returns to her family home Stanton hall. To escape the marriage to Fitz Tudor a suitor who is years younger than her. After her husband's death she then marries Andrew Lynbridge and life is good until he is killed while fighting for Richard the III. After his death King Henry VI takes Adair's title and lands away But she returns to her beloved Stanton hall to rebuild her life and then she is kidnapped by the Scots who then sell her to Conal Bruce who is looking for a housekeeper and cook. During her captivity Conal Bruce falls in love with Adair and claims her for his wife.
My Thoughts:
After reading Small's Friarsgate series and enjoying it I thought I would give the Border bride's trilogy a chance. The story started off fairly well and until I got to the middle of the book and I started to think wait a minute where have I read this before. well it turns out that Small tends to use the same outline for most of her stories. All the heroines have to bathe in big oak tubs. Most of them have about 2 husbands before they find thier true love. There is alot more sex in this book than I would have liked and some of the language was a bit much . It seem like to me every other chapter the characters were hitting the sheets.
I have a few more of Smalls book to read before I decide if she is one of my favorites or not.