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Friday, October 23, 2009

Davidson's Third Soap Opera Mystery Tidbit

Eileen's 3rd book will be titled Diva Las Vegas and will be released early 2010!
Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Find at the School Book Fair

Tuesday night my sons's school had thier annual open house and dinner as well as hosting thier book fair. While my son and my older children look around at the different books I did some looking in the historical fiction section. Now because this was at the elementary school the selection was pretty slim but I did come across a striking cover of a book. I asked my daughter about it she said she tried to read it she didn't care for it. But I figured for $2.00 it couldn't be that bad plus the money goes to help the school library so Fairest came home with me. The teachers were pretty thrilled to see a parent puchasing a YA book for them selves as well.
as soon as I finish the Devil's Queen I will be reading fairest and reviewing it soon

In the Arms of Immortals By Ginger Garrett

Summary:A Strange ship docks in a village harbor of Sicilly That night several people fall ill by Morning half the town are dead. Gio is the town's out cast healer who works tirelessy to figure out what this mystery illness is but like The noble baron's daughter Panthea and the woman from another time Marisska She is unable to to help those who are dying.
My thoughts:
This book took awhile to get in to I could see that the story plot was a good one but for some reason it did not grab me like Shadows of the Lions did. I think it was because it lacked a well known historial figure. I will probably purchase the 3rd book In the Eyes of Eternity when it is released in 2011 but until then this book gets a fair rating.Rating C