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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Forever Amber By Kathleen Winsor: 972 pages worth of pure drama!

Forever Amber is one of the classic historical novels of our times. So far this year it is one of my favorite books. It took me a month to read it but boy was it fun. Amber St Clare is no ordinary woman she wants nothing more than the one man she can not have Lord Bruce Carlton.
She meets Lord Carlton at the age of 16 and falls madley in love with him but there is only one problem Bruce loves Amber but not enough to marry her. Amber sees this as a challenge she sleeps her way through london and marries wealthy men with titles only to have them die on her leaving her a wealthy woman. The King of England couldn't resist her charms and makes her a Duchess. But none of this matters because Bruce has now married another woman leaving Amber fusterated and angry to the point of confronting his lordship's wife with some scandalous information about her husband. ..
My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book Amber was the type of heroine you root for through out the story and hope that in the end she gets her man. This book had it all history, drama, Action, and of course love.If you have time this year to read a really long book this one may be the one to pick up. I will be watching the film version in a couple of weeks so watch for the review here as well.


Svea said...

WOW 972 pages! I have been wanting to read this one for a while and I am so glad I read your review. I now know it will be worthwhile reading such an extensive book :)

Marg said...

This is such a fun read isn't it! It's long, but it's fabulous!