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Sunday, March 21, 2010

This week From The Bookstore

One of my favorite past times is to go to my local Barnes&Noble and browse all the tables and shelves looking for something new to read and hopefully discover a new author. This was the case this week while I was checking out the new paperback section and came across the author Allison Chase and her new series Her Majesty's Secret Servants the first in the series is Most Eagerly Yours I am really excited about this series since I have been reading some historical romances lately this one seems to have it all mystery Romance and of course lots of interacting with Queen Victoria. This one will be included in my 1st in the series Challenge this year. The second in the Series Outrageously Yours will be out in December. I also picked up a book a friend recommended to me by Liz Carlyle Wicked All Day.

So thse were my picks from this week's stroll through the book store . Be sure to come back for thier reviews coming soon.