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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Coming Soon to the Bookshelf! Diva Las Vegas By Eileen Davidson

The Cover art has been released...

This is her third book in her series of soap opera mysteries.

I just love her books they are so easy and fast to read I usally finsh them in a day. The release date for is July 6, 2010 and i'll be heading to the book store to grab my copy for sure.
Brief summary:
Alexis Peterson is delighted when her friend, ex-Playboy Playmate Shana Stern, invites her to Hugh Hefner's infamous Halloween party. But the fun ends when, after a few drinks, Shana is found dead. Alex's investigation leads ger to a soap opera convention in Las Vegas, and bodies continue to pile up on the strip. She must catch this killer who is more vicious than any television critic...