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Friday, April 30, 2010

Most Eagerly Yours By Allison Chase

Laurel, the eldest, is the first to be called. The Queen is threatened by her jealous cousin, George Fitzclarence, who is known for speaking treason. She asks Laurel to pose as a wealthy widow and use her charms to win George's trust, then find out what he is really plotting. Laurel is prepared for the risks of acting a part, but she encounters an unexpected and formidable obstacle in the Earl of Barenforth--George's friend and a notorious rake, whom Victoria has warned her to avoid...
An undercover agent for the Home Office, Aidan Phillips, Earl of Barensforth, is on the trail of a financial hoax involving alchemy, murder...and George Fitzclarence. When a lovely young widow wanders into his path and turns his well-laid plans on end, he senses she is hiding something. Aidan is no stranger to seduction, or to the wiles of beautiful women. And he intends employing wiles of his own to uncover the lady's secrets...

My Thoughts:

I liked this book I just felt that it took along time for the romance part of the story to happend. Aidan & Laurel together were hot but it just took them so long to get there. There was not too much interaction with the Queen as I had hoped there would be more scenes with her. But maybe in the next book there will be more. Im not giving up on the series just yet there are several more to come in this series.

Rating : B