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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Queen's Dollmaker By Christine Trent

As doll collector my self I knew I would love this book Claudette's story is one of survival and friendship. Claudette loses her parents during a fire and makes her way to England to start over.
While she is there her dear friend's daughter becomes ill Claudette uses her skills to create dolls for the little girl. Jack a fellow employee sees them and convinces Claudette that he could sell the dolls for her at the local market. From there Claudette saves money and moves out of her employer's home and opens her own doll shop. Her dolls become all the rage in London and France. They come to the attention of Marie Antoinette and Claudette becomes The Queen's Doll maker. I loved this book from the first page all the way to the last. I enjoyed the details of doll making and the day to day details of running a shop. If you love dolls and royalty this book is one for you to pick up. I will definitely picking up the author's next book.
As treat I thought I would post a photo of my daughter with our own Royal doll Collection.

Rating :A