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Friday, April 2, 2010

Taking My Love of The Tudors to Yoville

Most of you already heard of Yoville on facebook. I have been playing since November of last year. They finally released a castle which I have been trying to make it look as Tudoristic as I can. I have been adding portraits of some of the Tudor Women. Here are some of the recent ones I have done so far. Each Woman has her own room that I decorate around her . Anne, Graces The living room her presence just speaks volumes as you walk in. The portrait matches the new furniture they released last night.
Princess Elizabeth graces her Own Chamber . Her Portrait Matches The new Queen"s bed they released Last night as well.

Elizabeth Of York graces the York Chamber . I chose the red to velvet to play off her portrait.I plan to add some white roses to the room soon. The Challenge is finding things that would actually work for the Tudor era never the less it is has been fun trying to In corporate my love of all things Tudor In Yoville