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Monday, April 12, 2010

To Hold the Crown By Jean Plaidy

To Hold the Crown tells the story of Henry VII and his wife Elizabeth of York,most of the story was surrounded by Henry's quest to hold on to the crown and keep his family on the throne. Fighting off pretenders and trying to produce as many sonsas he could i felt the story lacked in the area of Elizabeth's story. She is mentioned in the beginning of the story and towrads the end where she is asked to befriend her daughter in law Katherine of Aragon to find out if her marriage to Arthur was in in fact a true one.Shortly after Elizabeth dies and that's all we hear of her. All in all the book was a fast read and I enjoyed reading it as i do all of Jean Plaidy's novels. I just wish it included more of Elizabeth of York's story

Rating: B


Daphne said...

I didn't think this was one of Plaidy's best books, but maybe like you, I was disappointed that Elizabeth didn't play a great role in the story.

kelly said...

This looks like an interesting book.