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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wicked All Day by Liz Carlye

Miss Zoë Armstrong is beautiful, charming, rich -- and utterly unmarriageable. So, while she may be the ton's most sparkling diamond, her choice of husbands looks more like a list of London's most unsavory fortune hunters. Since a true-love marriage seems impossible, Zoë has accepted -- no, embraced -- her role as society's most incomparable flirt and mischiefmaker...until in one reckless, vulnerable moment, her future is shattered.

Stuart Rowland, the brooding Marquess of Mercer, has been part of Zoë's extended family since she was a child. As dark and cynical as Zoë is lively, Mercer has always known they would be the worst possible match...until his scapegrace brother Robert does the unthinkable, and winds up betrothed to Zoë. Now, secluded on Mercer's vast estate to escape a looming scandal and the ton's prying eyes, Zoë and Mercer may find that a dark obsession has become a tempestuous passion that can no longer be denied....

My Thoughts; Zoe and Robin were fun characters I enjoyed thier story and the antics they got themselves in to. I read this book on the reccomendation of my friend Leslie and im glad I finaly did read this gem of a book. This was my first Liz Carlye book and I will be picking up some of her other books for sure.
Rating A