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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva By Victoria Rowell

I you loved the character of Drucilla Winters from the Young and the Restless you will love this book. Victoria takes you on a hilarious ride behind the scenes of soap opera politics and more. Calyssa Jeffries is a well known actress on the Rich and the Ruthless and expects to win the Sudsy award. Until her rival on the show snatches it instead. From then on her carrer and life spin out of control. Only when her beloved grandmother comes to town to help her during a crisis does she fine out that there is more to life that starring on the number 1 soap.I really enjoyed this novel there were so many funny laugh out loud moments and funny scenes.
Rating: A


Tea said...

Of course, I remember Dru. I would love to read this one. I bet it's good.

Dani said...

tea if you remeber Dru than this book is for you there is alot of
"Dru's" Saying in the book.