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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Then He Kissed Her by Laura Lee Guhrke

Emmaline Dove has been the perfect secretary for publisher Harrison Marlowe. Keeping the rakish viscount's professional and personal lives running smoothly is challenging, but Emma hopes that, some day, working for Harry will lead to getting her own book published. But so far Harry has rejected Emma's literary efforts, claiming "etiquette books don't sell." When Emma discovers Harrison didn't even bother reading her work, she snaps. Resigning her position, Emma sets out to find someone who will appreciate both her and her writing.
My Thoughts: Emma is a independent woman who follows all the rules and does the right thing. when she discovers that her boss doesn't respect she leaves his employment and takes another job and ends up writing her own column. Harry on the other hand falls in love with Emma and is determined to show her that even good girls who follow all the rules deserve to be bad once in awhile.

I really enjoyed Harry and Emma's story their story was one of the best romance's I have read in awhile.I loved how Harry actually "chased" Emma to the point where she could not refuse him any more.