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Saturday, June 5, 2010

From the bookstore: Books Found on Vacation

During my vacation to Texas my brother and I stopped at his favorite used book store Half price Books . I was amazed at all the books this used book store had since i had been reading alot of historical romances i wanted to find some of the harder to find books that i havent been able to locate in the Barnes and Noble I frequently go to here in town. I left the book store with 16 books total good thing is they were havinga 20 percent off sale so damage was not as bad as it would have been had I had to pay full price. So here is the list since it will take up so much space with the photos of the covers ill list them by author.
Historical Romance:

Julia London:

Lauran Lee Guhrke:

Sabrina Jefferies:

Julie Beard:Romance of the Rose

Nicole Jordan: To Tame a Dangerous Lord

Contemporary romance

Donna Kauffman: The Black sheep and the Princess

The Black sheep and the English Rose

Philippa Gregory : Alice Hartley's Happiness

Historical Fiction:

Gail Godwin: Unfinshed Desires

The following books were given to me by my brother

Collette Gale: Master

Anne Beer: My Just Desire

Christopher Castellani:The Saint of lost Things

The Following books I picked up for a friend of mine

All by Mary Balogh

Slightly Married

Beyond The Sunrise

The ideal wife

Simply Perfect

Simply Love