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Monday, June 21, 2010

A Royal Pain By Rhys Bowen

Georgie has been asked by the Queen to host Princess Hannilore of Bavaria and perhaphs introduce her to the Prince of Wales to get him away from the "American" Woman.

But Princess Hanni has only one think on her mind Sexy Hot men. After all the Princess has been locked away in a convent for most of her life. Georgie has her hands full with the princess and then there are two deaths that Gerogie and the Princess happend the be on the scene when they happend. Will Georgie be able to solve this case and get the Princess safely back home before someone elese is murdered?

My Thoughts:

A Royal Pain was alot of fun to read The princess was hilarious with her gangster language and her hunt for Sexy men. I actually felt sorry for Georgie if it was me I would have put that girl back on the next plane home. Wallis Simpson and Georgie exchange a few lines in this book as well. The Princess Elizabeth also is mentioned in this bookanother fascinating mystery for cozy mystery and royalty fans to enjoy!

Rating: A


Marg said...

I love the idea of this series! I wish my library had them.