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Friday, July 2, 2010

Diana's Rebel Heritage By Gail Douglas

Diana's Rebel Heritage is one of those books that you would pick up if your doing a paper of the late Princess of Wales. It covers her ancestors from the Tudor age to the year 1997.
All the fascinating women of the Spencers family tree are here. Douglas does a wonderful job of summing up Five centuries of scandal and defiance with out berating Diana's image at all.
In each chapter Douglas related some of Diana's personal problems to the one whom she was writing about at the time such as the similarities between Georgina and Diana how their lives paralleled each others as far as the press and the " Three people in a Marriage" syndrome.
Also how Diana got her head strong personality from Sarah the Duchess of Marlborough, her heart of Charity from her grandmother Cynthia Hamilton.It is a fascinating book to add to any Diana library.
Many thanks goes to my friend Beth Taylor who found this book for me and mailed it to me you always find the coolest Diana books Bethy!
Rating: A


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