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Monday, July 12, 2010

Mary The Queen of France By Jean Plaidy

Mary is Henry VIII"s younger but much love sister Who is destined to be come The Queen of France Whether she likes it or not. Her heart is set on marrying Charles Brandon the Duke of Suffolk. She tries to persuade her beloved brother to call of the match to the Old King Louis But Henry will not give in to her he needs the alliance with France. So we all know Mary decides to make a deal with the King and asks that If she does her duty by him and when the old King dies it is SHE who will chose her next husband not Henry.

My Thoughts:

As with all of Plaidy's work I enjoyed the book but the one thing I thought was a little bit bothersome the story was suppose to be about Mary and Charles, But I felt most of the book focused on Louise of Savoy who was in fact a interesting character herself. I found my self sucked in to the rivalry Anne of Brittany and Louise they both were entertaining enough to have their own book. I know the chapters on these 2 women were to set up the story of how Louis and Mary were married but I just felt that this was Mary's book and it should have been more about her and her love for Brandon. I wont give the book anything lower that a B because the book was entertaining just lacked more information on the subject it was suppsoe to be about.

Rating: B