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Friday, July 16, 2010

New look and Name

You may have noticed the name change and new look to the blog. I have been wanting to have a header and buttons made for the blog for along time. Since blogger came up with the template designer I have been struggling with how to come up with something to reflect my love of reading and my love for all things Tudor. So I went on a hunt and found a wonderful site that offers custom blog work for a reasonable price. I found TKO Scraps and did some looking around at all the awesome tagging kits they had and sent in what I had in mind and this is what they came up with. The queen is not suppose to be Anne Boleyn But she represents her with a book for her love of reading and the Infamous "B" necklace. She was created by Medievil creations. I came up with the name "Totally Historical" with the help of Pixie aka KissedbyPix who was working on designing the blog .I hope you all enjoy the new look and feel of the blog as much as I do. So if your looking for some updates for your blog check them out. You wont be disappointed!


Daphne said...

It looks great Dani! I might have to check them out.

Marg said...

Very nice! Love the richness of the red.