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Monday, August 2, 2010

the Founding Cynthia Harrod Eaagles ( Morland Dynasty Bk 1)

Seeking Power and prestige , grim, ambitious Yorkshireman Edward Morland arranges a marriage between his weak son Robert and Spirited Eleanor , young ward of a an influential Beaufort family Eleanor is appalled at being forced to marry a mere "sheep farmer" She is after all, secretly in love with Richard, Duke of York. Yet from this apparentlyill matched union Robert and Eleanor form a surprising connection that will soon be tested by a bloody civil war that divides families , sets neighbor against neigbor, and brings tragedy close to home.
My Thoughts:
The Founding was a wonderful ride through history for me. I had picked this book up a few months ago and tried to get in to it but I had too much going through my own busy life as a mother to really devote time to it. So last week when things calmed down I picked it up again determined to finish it. I am glad I gave Eleanor a second chance to tell me her story. In the beginning she came off as sort of spoiled but as the chapters went on I could see her grow She could come off as a Woman who ruled her family with an iron fist but once you get in to the middle of the book you see her develop as a strong woman who really made a name for her self and put her family on the right track to being successful.There is so much packed in this first volume of the Morland Dynasty introductions to the family members. Wars, lost of loved ones. So much drama here to keep you turning the pages and rushing out for the next volume of the series. 
I am glad I already have a copy of The Dark Rose which I will be starting today as I cant wait to see how the family members take on the burden of Morland Place.


Marg said...

I just read the fourth book in this series, and really enjoyed it. I plan to keep on reading my way through the series - all 30 something of them!

Dani said...

I hope i can get thriough the all I am now on the 3rd Chapter of Dakr Rose. i was only planning to read Dark rose since it was set During Henry VIII Reign so i purcahseda copy from paperswap then sourcebooks reissued them with the nice new covers so ill have to pace my self and try to pick up the newer reissues so they all match on teh shelf LOl