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Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Red Queen By Philippa Gregory

Yesterday I wandered in to my local library to find that our Librarian has been listening to my endless pleas to order Gregory's latest The Red Queen. Our library  has very limited space so my chances of finding newly released books are slim so seeing it on the shelf was a surprise to me.I grabbed the book and headed home to devour this issue of the Cousin's war. Margaret's story was so much more interesting that Elizabeth Woodville's her determination to get her son on the throne was one heck of a story. I usually do not enjoy the battle scenes in books but some how Gregory seemed to pull me in the battle and I thoroughly enjoyed imagining the scenes as the unfolded through out the last few chapters. I would have to say I was rooting for Henry all the way. The only thing I could say that I did not enjoy was the constant reference to Joan of Arc. I could  understand using it at the time when Margaret was a child because she considered Joan her hero  but as she got older it seemed to wear on my nerves. All in all this was another great read from Gregory.