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Monday, September 6, 2010

Another Cool Tudor Find From the Goodwill

My luck at finding some really interesting Tudor related books at the local Goodwill seems to be pretty good. It  looks like I came across  another gem of a book but this one is a novel of  Mary Queen of Scots.I could not find my particular cover but the reviews for this book seems to be really high.
My luck with finding a  decent novel on MQOS seems to be pretty bad since the episode with The Other Queen.I have been reluctant to pick up any novels on her.  From reading the reviews this one seems to be on the level of Susan Kay's Legacy. So  I am  going to give this book a chance this winter and hopefully it will be worth  reading.  


Daphne said...

I "think" I have this one (but with a different cover) as well. I say "think" because I believe it was published under a different name and that's the one I have. Maybe we'll have to compare the first lines and see if they are the same!

I hated The Other Queen as well but I've read the first of Plaidy's books on MQOS (Royal Road to Fotheringay) and rather liked it.

Dani said...

Daphne I will have to let you know what the first lines are when i get to it. I have not been able to find my cover any where on the web Maybe i should try to scan it and post it. My copy is published by Ballentine.