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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Healer By Linda Windsor

Sixth-century Arthurian Britain provides the backdrop for Linda Windsor’s latest novel, HEALER. First in The Brides of Alba Series, HEALER gifts readers with the story of Brenna of Gowrys, a woman orphaned during a 20-year blood feud and destined to spend her life in hiding with only her wolf and her faith in God as companions. Brenna flees as much from her mother’s dying prophecy as she does from the clan that seeks her life and clings tenaciously to her faith in Christ amid the lonely hills of Scotland. When a stranger is left to die surrounded by the carnage of a nearby ambush, Brenna rescues him from certain death. However, the stranger’s delirious rants leave her to wonder if his spirit will survive the darkness that enshrouds him.

Brenna’s life is trapped between an enemy clan that wants her dead and her own clan who is seeking a warrior queen to lead them to military victory over their oppressors. The stranger who enters her life makes her believe that she has found the answer to her deep loneliness. Raised by a Sister of Avalon, Brenna harbors a firm belief in Christ and His forgiveness. Yet the more she learns of her wounded guest, the more she is left to wonder how God expects her to fulfill the strange destiny prophesied by her mother those many years ago. How can she possibly “bring a peace beyond the ken of [her enemy’s] wicked soul”? Unknown to her, the wandering mercenary to whom she administers her healing finds that his own heart is softened both toward Brenna and her God. The relationship that grows between them will provide answers that both of them seek.

My Thoughts:
I recieved this review copy from The Publisher David C Cook last friday.
I usally shy away from books set during authrian period but the story of Brenna intrigued me. The first few chapters were sort of dry but by the time Brenna and Ronan were in the cave together the story got better. I love the interactions between Brenna and her pet wolf Faol He sort of reminded me of our own family pet Max who is protective and loyal but loveable.
The romance between the characters was interesting Breanna is concerned about being alone again and sets out with her own plan to convince Ronan to stay with her. But Ronan has his own secret he needs to share with her before he can make any kind of commitment.
I really enjoyed this novel it was the first for me that combined elements of  new age and early christanity. I enjoyed the reading about how the author's personal struggle with her daughter helped her come up with the idea for this trilogy. Thank you Karen for bringing this novel to my attention and giving me the chance to review it.