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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Queen's Man Terri Brisbin

Present Day, England.
Textiles expert Sharon Reynolds is examining a treasure trove of Elizabethan clothing when she discovers a bit of parchment containing an astounding piece of information. Sixteenth Century, England.
Richard Granville, master of Queen Elizabeth's stables, is acknowledged only as the queen's half-brother—Henry VIII's illegitimate son. A dramatic first meeting sparks an attraction between Sharon and Richard, who recognizes a kindred spirit in this strange woman who seems to have appeared out of thin air. But only after they fall in love does Sharon realize that Richard is the heir described on the parchment—and that he, not Elizabeth—is England's rightful ruler. Now Sharon must make a choice, aware that her actions will determine the fate of man and his country....

My Thoughts: I was intrigued by the book since I found it on papaerback swap. This is the first time travel book I have read and I thourghly enjoyed it. This one of those books where you could actually place your self in the character's shoes. Sharon is a textiles expert who stumbles upon a precious document inside an Elizabethan dress. Before she could share her discovery with any one she ends up in the 16th century.
This story was delightful Sharon was lucky enough to know just enough of her Tudor history to make her situation easy to deal with. During her time in the 16th  century she meets some of history's famous figures. including Queen Elizabeth herself. If you dont mind liberties taken with your Tudor history this is a enjoyable book to read