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Sunday, November 14, 2010

1st Paperback Weekend Review: The Christmas Sweater By Glenn Beck

Paperback Weekends is a new feature  that you can read more about here

      The Christmas Sweater

Eddie is twelve year old boy who just wants a bike for Christmas.
But with his Mother struggling to make ends meat since his father passed away all he could do was pray and hoped that his mother would finally be able to afford his dream bike. But instead he recieves a sweater from her. A sweater that he leaves crumpled up in a ball in the corner of his room.
But then something horrible happends to Eddie that Christmas that would change his life forever and forces Eddie to grow up and be thankful for the gifts around him.
My Thoughts:
WOW was all I could say after reading Beck's first novel. This was not you typical Christmas tale it was much more than that. With out giving much away all I can say is Eddie's story reminded me very much of my own. Beck captured the essence of what a child feels when they lose a parente and things just dont seem like they used to be. His out look on how children see thier friends So called " Normal Life" and comparing it to his was spot on. I would reccomend every one pick upa copy this year and read it. You will never forget Eddie and his sweater.